KPGA Chairman Koo Ja-cheol revealed intention to reappoint, “Successful external expansion, men’s golf revival begins now”

“The appearance has been expanded. Now is the time to solidify it.”

Koo Ja-cheol, chairman of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA), has virtually expressed his intention to reappoint. When he was first elected as the head of the KPGA, he announced that he would ‘increase the number of tournaments to 25 and expand the external appearance so that broadcasting rights are paid properly’, and it is evaluated that he has almost completed it.

Chairman Koo held a press conference near Gwanghwamun, Seoul on the 14th and disclosed the Korean Tour operation plan this season and the results of his four-year tenure. This year, 25 competitions will be held, starting with the 18th DB Insurance Promi Open, which opens at Ravievelle Country Club in Chuncheon on April 13, and ending with the LG Signature Players Championship, which concludes on November 12. The total prize money was expanded to more than 25 billion won, an increase of more than 10 billion won from 13.8 billion won in 2019. The number of competitions increased by 10, and 13 new competitions were established during Koo’s tenure as president.

The biggest achievement was the broadcasting rights contract. KPGA is pushing for a five-year contract with SBS Golf for the broadcasting rights of all of its tournaments, including the Korean Tour. It is known that SBS Golf is planning to open 2 channels to broadcast Korean men’s and women’s professional golf.

Kim Byung-joon, CEO of the Korea Professional Golf Tour (KPGT), said, “We cannot disclose the specific amount, but when converted into contract value, it can be expected to exceed 6 billion won per year and 30 billion won over 5 years.” KPGA believes that significant added value can be created by including resale, related content industries, and competitions hosted by broadcasters, as well as broadcasting rights. 스포츠토토

Chairman Koo said, “I put a lot of effort into expanding the KPGA externally during my four years in office. If you compare the past three years to golf, he struggled with one double bogey, then made a birdie and then went on the trend with a par march,” he said.

He said, “As the president of the association, I felt a lot while running around to attract competitions and expand sponsors. There is still a strong perception that title sponsors are ‘hosting events as part of a social contribution project’. It has emerged as a new task to improve the company’s brand image and strengthen the substance so that it can change perception with very good content that can maximize publicity effects.” At the same time, he explained, “We are also discussing ways to widely utilize shorts and short videos that can be enjoyed with the younger generation during the broadcasting rights negotiations.”

Tour expansion leads to base expansion. Players also need to grow into players that can be respected. In cooperation with DP World (Europe) and the Asian Tour, an environment for male players to advance to a larger stage must also be created. It means that external expansion is only a priming water for the revival and growth of men’s professional golf.

Chairman Koo said, “The relationship with the sponsor is good, and my family often asks me to take over again. I myself have developed a lot of affection for men’s golf,” he said. If the broadcast rights contract is concluded, it will be helpful financially. KPGA needs to create a turning point where it can leap away from being a simple tour management entity. It means that it is time for a company that was only doing OEM to produce PB,” he expressed his intention to reappoint.

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