Korea’s largest bicycle festival ‘Seorak Granfondo’ held in Inje on the 20th

The largest bicycle festival in Korea, the ‘2023 Seorak Granfondo Competition’, will be held on the 20th in Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun.

The Seorak Granfondo Tournament, which has been certified as the toughest F-grade course in the Gran Fondo World Tour (GFWT) series, will also be held as the GFWT Championship this year.

The Championship designates only one event out of the 22 series competitions of the GFWT membership.

Granfondo means ‘to travel a long distance’ in Italian, and is a non-competitive competition in which a road bicycle is used to complete a set course within a specified time.

This year, a total of 5,763 participants, including 90 in the championship division, 2,316 in Mediophone, and 3,357 in Granfondo.스포츠토토

Mediofondo is a course that starts near Inje Riding Center and goes through Wondang three-way intersection ~ Jindong 2nd bridge ~ Omijae Pass and returns to the riding center. It consists of a course from Osaek Yaksu to Wondang three-way intersection and back.

Inje-gun and the Seorak Granfondo Organizing Committee cooperate with the police and fire departments to control traffic and deploy ambulances and nursing personnel for safe operation.

252 volunteers, including the Inje-gun autonomous crime prevention team, volunteer fire brigade, exemplary drivers association, autonomous prevention foundation, and volunteers, also contribute to the operation of the event.

A military official said on the 8th, “We will do our best to prepare for the event safely.”

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