KBO President Heo Gu-yeon appeared at the WBC camp… 2024 season opener in the US

On the 12th, KBO President Heo Gu-yeon went to the United States to discuss specific details for the internationalization of baseball, such as holding the 2024 KBO League opening game in the United States and promoting an exhibition match between KBO and MLB clubs. Departed.

KBO said on the 17th (hereinafter Korean time), “President Heo met with Los Angeles Angels (LAA) President John Carpino and Los Angeles Dodgers (LAD) Marketing Director Ron Lawson on the 13th local time. At this meeting, the 2024 KBO League opening game and KBO- Discussed overall matters regarding holding an exhibition


game between MLB clubs. Requested a plan to fully allow KBO to have rights such as KBO league sponsorship, advertisements, and promotions when holding a game. We met with the director of the Korean Cultural Center to clarify the background and plan for holding the 2024 KBO League opening game in the U.S., and requested cooperation from the two organizations so that the game could be successfully promoted. Then, on the 15th, we had a meeting with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. During the opening game, along with the request for full support and cooperation from the MLB Secretariat, we discussed pending issues in the baseball world between Korea and the US and future strategic business cooperation plans.”Lastly, KBO said, “On the 16th, the WBC national team visited Tucson, Arizona, where the WBC national team is training, to encourage the coaching staff and players. Afterwards, we will return home on the 24th after finishing our schedule with San Diego Padres owner Peter Sidler and President Eric Grupner.” said.

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