KBL ‘Young Guns’ heating up the coat… Performance in the second half is expected to be 100 times

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The second half of the professional basketball season has begun.

In the first half, the performances of the young players of each team stood out as much as the veterans, pleasing the eyes of the fans.

Reporter Park Ji-woon will report whether the fearless rookies will continue to perform.


KT’s ‘Baby Hulk’ Ha Yoon-gi shakes the basketball rim with a powerful dunk.

In the All-Star game, he showed off splendid performances, including an alley-oop dunk, and scored 28 points alone, earning him the title of ‘Star of the Stars’ MVP.

<Ha Yoon-gi / Suwon KT> “When the hyungs put on the alley-oop, I think we got along well and had fun. Since we’re already in the 4th round, each game is important, so we worked harder to win…”

Average 6.2 Ha Yoon-gi, who is recording the 2nd place in the rebound category by catching rebounds, is evolving into a ‘big man’ of the highest level in KBL.

A ball thrown from outside the 3-point line draws a long parabola and clears the rim. 바카라

A ball that is sucked into the rim of a thrown jokjok.

Carrot rookie Lee Jung-hyun recently achieved a career high by exploding 31 points in just one game.

<Lee Jung-hyun / Goyang Carrot> “The coach also orders me to shoot from the outside if I break through or play too hard, so I am always confident in my shooting…”

Like Ha Yoon-ki, Lee Jung-hyun, born in 1999, rose from a promising star to an ace within two years of his debut, emerging as KBL’s representative young gun.

Hyundai Mobis, who finished the first half in 3rd place, benefited from the rookie guards born in 1999, including Lee Woo-seok, Seo Myung-jin, and foreign player Avarientos.

Each team is looking forward to the performance of the ‘young guns’ in the second half and raising hopes for advancing to the playoffs.

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