Kangwon Ilbo President’s Cup Gangwon-do Screen Golf Contest, Lee Shin-soo wins

Lee Shin-soo (52, Seoksa-dong, Chuncheon-si) has risen to the top of Gangwon-do amateur screen golf.

Lee Shin-soo won the ‘2022 Gangwon Ilbo President’s Cup Gangwon-do Screen Golf Competition’ hosted by the Gangwon Ilbo, recording 52 under par for 54 holes. Lee, who won the championship, was awarded a prize of 1 million won and a trophy.

During the month of December last year, a total of 1,509 people participated in this tournament held at 162 golf zone affiliated screen golf courses in the province and played 4,427 rounds. Participants competed in stroke play on three courses, High1 CC, Shine Dale CC, and Paganica CC, and the final ranking was determined by summing the highest scores for each course.

Yong Seok-beom (45, Hongcheon), who was one stroke behind Lee, took second place, while Kim Sang-jik (42, Hongcheon) and Hwang Jeong-sik (43, Chuncheon), who hit 44 under par and 42 under par, respectively, took third and fourth place. Lee Seok-jae (40, Hongcheon), who played 60 rounds, won the most rounds award, Jang Eun-hee (53, Gangneung) won the Hole-in-One award (first hole-in-one), and Woo Won-cheol (44, Pyeongchang) won the Nearest Award. did.

Shin-soo Lee, the winner, said, “I am grateful to the Gangwon Ilbo for holding the tournament at a time when screen golf course operators are having difficulties due to Corona 19.” “I am satisfied with the good results.” 안전놀이터

Lee, who started playing screen golf in 2009, has a unique history of learning golf on his own without any separate lessons. Since he had no one to teach him, he went through a lot of trial and error, but he said that he developed his current skills by activating the desire to compete that he had cultivated while enjoying sports. Before he knew it, he became a powerful player who won two national championships and nine provincial championships.

He, who currently runs a screen golf course, said about the charm of golf, “It is unconquerable.” Mr. Lee said, “Even amateur masters who play under par don’t hit the ball well after taking a few days off. Since there is no end to learning, it seems like I have been doing it for a long time,” he explained.

As golf becomes more and more popular, more and more people are learning golf in recent years. Lee Shin-soo said to golf beginners, “It is important to play steadily even for 10 minutes a day,” and “In addition, you can reduce the number of strokes by accurately understanding your shot, such as launch angle, ball speed, and backspin, through screen golf.” Advised.

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