Kang I-seul, who wrote ‘WKBL’s new history’, “The secret to going well is…”

 “Because it puts my mind at ease.”

 Also important was mental strength. Kang I-seul (29, Kookmin Bank), who wrote a new history in the women’s professional basketball (WKBL) All-Star Game, cited her ‘comfortable mind’ as the secret to her sharp scoring ability. 안전놀이터

 On the 8th, the WKBL All-Star Game was held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon for the first time in 1092 days. In the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), the festival was held under the name of ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball All-Star Festival’ as it communicates with fans for the first time in three years.

 The success of the event was not only thanks to the fans who sold out 1622 seats, but also the efforts of the players who did their best in the event match to repay the support.

 Jinan (27, BNK) won the MVP and Best Performance awards, followed by Kang Iseul, who also won the 3-point shot contest and the top scorer award. Coincidentally, these were the parties who switched teams in the middle of the game. To add fun to the game, the organizers introduced a ‘Transfer Challenge’ system in which one player from both teams was replaced, and Jinan and Kang Isul changed their uniforms.

 Kang Yi-seul showed unwavering performance despite these variables. It all started with Pink Star. She scored a whopping 25 points. She scored 17 points in the second half, even after she was traded to the Blue Stars. It was an event match, but she scored 42 points in one match with great firepower. Real history was also rewritten.

 According to WKBL on the 9th, Kang Iseul’s 42 points is the highest ever in an All-Star game. In addition, Iseul Kang set a new record by recording the most 12 three-point shots. In the middle of the game, he achieved his first three consecutive wins in three-point shooting contests, and he rewrote several records in just one game.

 What was the secret? Iseul Kang said, “It’s strange that I didn’t go in during the season, but it went well in the All-Star Game. He went in well because he was having fun and was comfortable,” he said. He continued, “(In the All-Star Game) I didn’t have to go in. I think it would have been nice if it went better during the season,” he confessed. In the remaining schedule to resume, he even expressed his determination to regain the dignity of the ‘League Representative Shooter’ using this momentum.

 He also added words like a player with extraordinary love for fans. Iseul Kang said, “It’s been a while since the All-Star Game was held, so the players came up with a lot of ideas to make it fun. It was good because it was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time,” he said. I don’t know if the fans enjoyed watching it, but I hope they enjoy it.”

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