Ji-ah Shin, the new star of figure skating, who beats her sisters with a strong heart

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Saet Byeol has appeared in Korean female figure skating.

She is Jia Shin, who at the age of 15 beat her older sisters to win her national team qualifier.

Reporter Jung Yun-cheol met.

She embroiders on the ice with her graceful movements to her music.

She finishes even the most difficult consecutive jumps cleanly.

This is Jia Shin, who, at the age of 15, beat her older sisters to win her national team qualifier.

Last year, Shin Ji-ah emerged as a promising player in the Junior Grand Prix Final.

It was the first time in 17 years since Kim Yu-na that a Korean player won a prize in this competition.

Shin Jia’s strength is her calmness that is not befitting her age.

During the selection she made a mistake in which she crashed into a fence during her performance, but she did not waver.

[Shin Ji-ah / National Figure Skating Representative]
“Since there are next tasks, I think she tried to focus more on them. She just said, ‘What should I do?’ and just moved on.”

Jia Shin nurtured her dream of becoming an athlete after she encountered figure skating at the age of 7 at an ice rink in a department store.  슬롯사이트

She went through 5 hours of hard training every day to become like her idol Yuna Kim.

[Jia Shin / National Figure Skating Representative]
“I want to resemble Yuna unnie’s expressiveness and her charisma.”

It is evaluated that he is competitive even if he competes in adult international competitions right now, but this year he will compete in the Junior World Championships due to age restrictions.

[Shin Ji-ah / National Figure Skating Representative]
“I want to remain as a strong athlete (in the fans’ memory). I think I need to work hard to make better results as a senior by improving myself.”

Attention is focusing on whether Shin Jia, who appeared like a comet, will stand tall as a Korean figure skater.

This is Channel A News Jung Yoon-cheol.

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