JGAK Chairman Jeong Ho-jin “Strengthen the roots of golf junior… I will become a strong supporter”

 The goal of the Korea Junior Golf Association (JGAK), which was launched this year, is simple. The target is support for fostering young Korean golfers.

It strives to nurture domestic prospects by holding national junior competitions, supporting scholarships for golf talents, and developing educational programs.

The ‘2022 JGAK Best Sleep · Gohonjin Junior Golf Series’ held at Baekje Country Club in Buyeo, Chungcheongnam-do on the 22nd of last month is the first step in which the direction of the association is concentrated.

For two days, about 100 junior golfers competed for the top spot on the leaderboard. In the six divisions divided by gender and elementary, middle and high schools, cotyledons that were ready to grow stood out everywhere.

Song Ji-min (14, Seoya Middle School), who boasts a maximum distance of 280 yards, Oh Won-joon (16, Wonju Bangtong High School), who won the South High School championship, and Jo Ian (18, Incheon Girls’ High School), who dreams of becoming the next Park Seong-hyun, have extraordinary potential. showed off his surname.

Ho-jin Jeong, the first president of JGAK, said in an interview with Sporty News, “JGAK is a non-profit organization that promotes the growth of Korean golf by nurturing high-quality junior players. We are planning a junior-scale tournament. I want to contribute a little to fostering the best golfers in Korea and laying the groundwork for producing world-class players.”

In addition to the competition, attention is focused on the JGAK scholarship system. It is sound in both size and content. Chairman Chung also emphasized, “We have carefully prepared to be of practical help to junior golfers.”

“Up to 70 junior golfers will be divided into 4 groups and scholarships will be provided. ‘Golf Dream Fostering Scholarship’, which selects and supports outstanding performers in each tournament, and ‘Exemplary Scholarship’, which selects players who set an example for others “This is representative,” he said. “In addition, we are preparing various scholarship systems such as ‘regional golf scholarship students’ and ‘hope tree special scholarship students’ to support golfers in difficult family environments.”

Baekje Country Club, the main venue for JGAK, also draws attention. Baekje Country Club is where the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) jump tour is held, and is considered one of the most prestigious courses in the Chungcheong region.

“(Baekje Country Club) is a golf course that has recently emerged as a mecca for junior golf,” said Chairman Chung. It is an event that exists. If you participate in the JGAK tournament, it is expected that it will provide young golfers with a clue to growth in that they can taste such a professional stage in advance.” 안전놀이터

All sports events are rooted in ‘junior’. If the roots are shaken, growth will be slow. In the end, growth stops. Chairman Chung also picked Junior as the key word of the association and the word that contains the original intention.

“Not only golf, but the roots of all sports are juniors. Just as strong roots bear desirable fruits, I want to help Korean golf achieve sustainable development longer and more reliably. That is JGAK’s goal,” he emphasized.

“We plan to focus our capabilities on creating an environment where elementary, middle and high school golfers can compete fairly. We have finished all preparations to secure stable financial resources. Starting next year, we will hold monthly tournaments to promote the junior golf market,” he said, pointing towards the development of Korean golf. told the truth.

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