Jersey Suseong or Ohtani recapture… MVP race, what do gamblers have to choose?

The 2022 American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) race was evaluated as the hottest in recent years. Even until the middle of the season, Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) and Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) were competing.

Ohtani, the 2021 American League MVP, challenged for a second consecutive victory with his unique pitching and hitting skills as a weapon. His batting performance was somewhat lower than in 2021, but on the contrary, he launched a counterattack from the mound and received the support of the voters. It was evaluated that the overall team contribution did not fall compared to 2021.

However, the game changed when Jersey’s historic home run race began. Judge, who started leading the MVP race by surpassing the 50 home run mark, reached the 62 home run mark, the most in the American League and the New York Yankees franchise, through 60 home runs, putting a wedge in the mainstream theory. In the end, Judge became the final winner of the 2022 MVP race.

But 2023 may be different.안전놀이터  Judge is still a strong MVP candidate, but gamblers seem to think differently.

As a result of BETMGM counting the 2023 MVP dividends of North American oddsmakers, Ohtani ranked first in the American League with +200. That means if you bet $100, you get $300 back, including $200 in dividends. Conversely, Judge stayed in second place with +500. Considering that he was the MVP last year, the difference between Ohtani and Ohtani is quite large. Rather, it was similar to the +600 of Mike Trout (LA Angels) in third place.

Judge’s home run race was the best last year, and the calculation is that it will not be easy to run the same level this year. Conversely, Ohtani could be seen as a safer choice because both pitcher and hitter can contribute to the team. If Ohtani wins the MVP and enters the free agency market, the value could be even greater.

Following Ohtani, Judge, and Trout, the American League MVP dividend rankings were Julio Rodriguez (Seattle‧+800), Jordan Alvarez (Houston‧+1100), and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto‧+1500).

In the National League, Juan Soto (San Diego‧+550), who was somewhat sluggish last year but still recognized for his great talent, took the lead. It was followed by Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers‧+900), Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego‧+1000), and Paul Goldschmidt (St. Louis‧+1000). It’s noticeable that San Diego’s two players are at the top.

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