Jamsil 173.8km was not a coincidence…KIA Kim Do-young’s monster power, I can’t use this talent in AG.

The 173.8 kilometers were no fluke.

KIA third baseman Kim Do-young (20) hit a 145-kilometer fastball high in the body from Doosan’s Kwak Bin on June 6 in Jamsil and launched it 125.4 meters to left field. It had a tremendous parabolic shape that disappeared upon impact. The launch angle was a whopping 38.1 degrees. The batting speed was a whopping 173.8 kilometers. It was an extra-large two-run shot that is rarely seen even in Jamsil.

On the 12th, Kim surprised people again at Samsung Electronics in Daegu. In the top of the seventh inning, trailing 4-9, Kim hit a 142-kilometer fastball over the left field fence on a 2B2S pitch to Samsung’s Lee Seung-hyun. At first glance, it wasn’t as high as the home run he hit in his sleep. According to SPOTV, which broadcast the game, the launch angle was 28.8 degrees.

Instead, the ball traveled a whopping 174.4 kilometers. The distance was 126.3 meters. It had a higher velocity and a bit more distance than the one he hit on Kwak-Bin. While Kwak’s fastball was high and away from the body, Lee’s fastball was low and away from the body. It wasn’t a miss by any means. If anything, it makes it easier to pull the low outside pitch for a home run.

What both home runs have in common is that they clearly demonstrate that Kim’s talent is not ordinary. Of course, she was rehabbing from an ankle surgery in the first half of the year and learned some weight-training tips from Na Sung-bum, but basically, her power and technique are solid.

He has adapted perfectly to the change of taking the bat away from his body and lowering it slightly, rather than the old form of hitting with the bat resting on his shoulder. He once said that he was adapting well to the new batting stance at the end of last month during the ‘Gwangju Mungeumdae’. It has the advantage of getting to the hitting point a little faster than his previous stance. He can hit the ball hard and far.

Kim”s athleticism is also evident in his incredible speed. In 55 games, he managed to steal 19 bases. That”s an 86.4% success rate, with only three failed attempts. Not only that, but he can steal two bases on a single hit. In short, it’s almost as if he’s running the bases.

There are very few Korean players in the KBO with this level of athleticism. Add to that the ability to hit home runs and long balls, and you have a player who is a force to be reckoned with. As SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol said while covering KIA’s games this season, the prospect of a 30-30, 100-RBI season is not out of the question. Right now, it seems possible if he plays full-time next year.

In 55 games, he hit .302 with five home runs, 34 RBIs, 51 runs scored, 19 doubles, a .370 on-base percentage, a .458 OPS, a .828 slugging percentage, and a .282 wOBA. He ranked 28th with a WAR of 2.49, 133.5 adjusted runs produced, a 0.379 weighted slugging percentage, and a 0.44 wins above replacement on Baseball-Reference.com.안전놀이터

Too bad we won’t be seeing any of these players at the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games. KIA has already confirmed the departures of Choi Won-jun, Lee Yi-ri, and Choi Ji-min. The roster is expected to change one more time before the 22nd. However, the maximum three-player per team rule will remain unchanged as injuries have emerged since the final roster was announced in June.

No need to be disappointed. We’ll see Do-young Kim under the Korean flag as early as the Asian Pro Baseball Championship in November. He’s on the preliminary roster. There’s also the 2024 Premier12, the 2026 WBC and Aichi/Nagoya Asian Games, and the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

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