Is this year’s MLB batting champion an Asian? Are the computer’s reckless predictions correct?

 The player who left the greatest achievement among major leaguers from Asia is by far Suzuki Ichiro (50). This master batting master not only conquered Japanese professional baseball, but also hit 3,089 hits in 19 major league seasons.

Although his slugging power was somewhat poor, he had excellent contact ability and was a player who had all the requirements to create hits. It was not enough to add 509 stolen bases to this, and he was active in all areas of offense, defense and state, winning gold gloves 10 times. He is the only Asian player to hold the title of the batting champion twice while being evaluated as certain to enter the Hall of Fame in the future.

Ichiro recorded a batting average of 0.350 in 2001, his debut season, and swept all of the batting champion, MVP, Rookie of the Year, All-Star, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger titles. In 2004, he again won the batting title with a batting average of 0.372. It is the last hitting king case for an Asian player.

However, there is a computer projection that boldly presented the prospect that he would challenge for the title of hitting king after Ichiro, and it is a hot topic. Along with ‘ZiPS’, ‘Steamer’, which is selected as a representative statistical projection projection, is the main character. The player Steamer paid attention to is Masataka Yoshida (30), who signed a five-year contract with Boston ahead of this season.

Yoshida, who made a name for himself as a hitter representing the league while playing for Orix in the Nippon Professional Baseball, is a hitter with a career batting average of 0.327. Last year, he had a batting average of 0.335 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.008, and eventually agreed to a five-year, $90 million jackpot contract with Boston. Local media generally believe that the size of Yoshida’s contract far exceeded expectations. 안전놀이터

‘Steamer’ predicted a batting average of 0.298 with this expected performance of Yoshida in 2023. Usually, the expected performance of players from overseas leagues is selected by calculating the previous year’s performance of the league and the precedent of the width of the reduction when coming to the major leagues, but ‘Steamer’ saw Yoshida’s grades as very high. This is the highest expected batting average of American League players this year predicted by ‘Steamer’, and is on the same level as Luis Arares, who was the American League batting champion last year and recently transferred to Miami of the National League.

Regarding the bold prediction of the ‘Steamer’, the official website of Major League Baseball ( said, ‘Yoshida will try to follow in the footsteps of his senior, Ichiro Suzuki, who came to the Major League from Nippon Professional Baseball.’ Ichiro also won the batting title in his first major league season.

Of course, it is difficult to attach a great significance to this as it is an estimate of statistical projection. Even at the time of joining Suzuki Seiya, who was said to be the best hitter in Japan a year ago, there were various positive prospects such as ‘Rookie of the Year’, but it was not as sophisticated as expected. However, it seems clear that the views on Yoshida are sharply divergent.

Meanwhile, Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) ranked first in home runs predicted by ‘Steamer’, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto) ranked first in RBI, Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta) ranked first in stolen bases, and Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego) ranked first in slugging percentage. was Juan Soto (San Diego) was expected to rank first in four categories, including runs scored, on-base percentage, production of adjusted runs, and contribution to victory compared to substitute players.

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