Is this the real figure of WBC ‘Ritter King’ Yoshida? 8th inning final home run – wedge cap, 6 RBIs in ML first game

Hit two home runs in one inning.

Masataka Yoshida (30), an outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, hit his second or third home run of the season. On the 24th (hereafter Korean time), he started as the 4th-left fielder against the away Milwaukee Brewers, and scored 6 RBIs with 2 home runs and a sacrifice hit.

Three at-bats in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th innings were dismissed with consecutive offenses. Each recorded a sacrifice hit to the right field, a strikeout, and a grounder to first base.

In the 8th inning when the match was 4-4, there was no one runner. Entering the fourth plate, Yoshida hit a curveball (122km/h) in the middle of his body thrown by opposing right-hander Matt Bush on a ball count of 1B2S. Woo Joong-wol opened the door to mass scoring and connected it with a home run.

It is a home run that he hit in 13 games after hitting his first major league home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Fanway Park in Boston on the 4th. It was a liner ball with an exit velocity of 108.9 mph and a launch angle of 21 degrees. 5-4.

Starting with Yoshida’s home run, the Boston batting line exploded. Fifth at-bat hit again after rounding the batter. With the bases loaded with two outs, Yoshida’s bat fired again. Against right-hander Harvey Gera, the ball count was 2S. After fouling the 158 km/h speedy ball on the 3rd pitch, he hit a high slider (135 km/h) and sent it over the right fence.

Boston, which was leading 8-4, gained a key to victory with Yoshida’s grand slam home run. Two home runs in one inning is said to be the fifth time in 15 years since ‘Legend’ David Otis in 2008. 토토사이트

5 at bats, 4 at bats, 2 hits, 6 RBIs.

Boston scored 9 runs in the 8th inning. With Yoshida’s big success, Boston won 12-5.

By the 23rd, Yoshida recorded a batting average of 2.13 (13 hits in 61 bats), 1 home run and 9 RBIs. He missed three games due to a hamstring injury, and his batting condition did not improve after his return. There were even signs of his hitting sluggishness, but he seems to be slowly recovering recently.

Total batting average in Japanese professional baseball is 302.07. Yoshida, the best hitter in Japanese professional baseball, signed a six-year, $90 million contract with Boston last November. In the last WBC (World Baseball Classic), ’13 RBI’ was raised and a single competition

He set the record for the most and raised expectations.

Ichiro Suzuki and Matsui Hideki are examples of successful Japanese fielders in the major leagues. I wonder if Yoshida will follow the path of these seniors.

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