Is the US Open your retirement stage? Del Potro seeks to return to tour, ‘trying for the last game’

An article about the 2009 U.S. Open winner Juan Martin del Potro (34-year-old Argentina) returning to the tour came out. Del Potro, who had hinted at retiring after the Argentine Open (ATP250) in February of last year, underwent surgery on his right knee due to a serious right knee injury that interfered with his daily life.  

Del Potro responded to an interview with Argentinian tennis journalist Danny Miche at the end of last month and said, “I love tennis. I check my body and knees every day. The Open is a special event (with memories) for me,” he said.

And on April 5, a video posted by We Are Tennis on the official Twitter account showed Del Potro practicing hitting on the court. 토토사이트

However, whether he can really return to the court depends on the condition of his knee. According to The West Australian, Del Potro himself said, “I think I’ll work hard for the last match, but I don’t know how it will turn out. Whether or not I’m ready (for the comeback) is for God to decide.” 

The indomitable man who has heated up the men’s tour for a long time emphasizes that he has long wanted to play one more time. It’s difficult for him to digest one season, but he hinted that he could make this year’s entire U.S. event the last of his career.

“My goal is to be able to play in official competitions. I can’t say 100%, but at least if I want to play the last match of my career this year, I want to play in the US Open and it should be in Flushing Meadows.”

Fans are interested in whether Del Potro, who has been as good as the Big 4, will be able to revive and play an active role on the tour.   

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