“Is it possible to reverse the decision after the New Year passes?”…’Judgment controversy’ that dominated the court, trust is cracking

 “You said there was no overturning of the reading. Can you correct it? (Last month) You said no in the KB Insurance game on the 27th. Can you do it now that the new year has passed?

Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong was really angry . It was the judgments of the referees, not the players, that dominated the match between the 1st and 2nd teams, reminiscent of a championship match. Volleyball fans also frowned at the recent controversy over the judgment.

Dodram 2022-2023 V held at Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium on the 7th In the match between Korean Air and Hyundai Capital in the 4th round of the men’s division, Hyundai Capital’s players had a great desire to win, as coach Choi Tae-woong said, “I want to win a come-from-behind victory.” I really wanted to win.

However, the judging controversy cooled the heated atmosphere. In the situation of 23-23 thin ice in the 2nd set, Lincoln succeeded in scoring a back attack on a player’s toss. However, Hyundai Capital’s Jung Ji-seok, who was defending together when Park Ji-hoon received, Korean Air’s four-hit video was requested to be read,

saying that it had rubbed the hand. As a result of the reading, Korean Air’s four-hit video was declared, and Hyundai Capital raised both hands and roared. He expressed his dissatisfaction, and coach Tilikainen also shouted, “It’s wrong.”At that time, a picture caught behind the court on a slow screen showed a scene that did not fit Jung Ji-seok’s hand. After checking the screen, Chung Eui-tak, referee Kim Young-cheol, and Jeon Young-ah assistant referee proceeded with the judgment again and this time corrected that it was not a four hit. 메이저사이트

The problem happened then. Director Choi Tae-woong drew an X with both arms and ran towards the headquarters seat, saying, “You said there is no overturning the reading. Can you correct it? They strongly protested. The referees couldn’t say anything because they had what they said in the last judgment controversy. There is

no rule in the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) rules that video review cannot be overturned, but in the game on the 27th of last month, it was overturned. He said he couldn’t do it and caused a problem.

It was a situation where Hyundai Capital manager Choi Tae-woong could protest enough.

When coach Choi Tae-woong and coaches protested, assistant referee Jeon Young-ah apologized, saying, “It is our responsibility for not confirming. I saw it that way at first, but I’m sorry. The distrust of the judgment that was not there has not disappeared.

It was the moment when director Choi Tae-woong said, “If you follow the rules, you become more stupid.” Confidence in the volleyball world is cracking due to successive judging controversies.

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