Is a ‘monster family’ born in MLB… Guerrero Jr.’s younger brother joins the Texas Rangers

The son of Vladimir Guerrero (48), who was nicknamed “The Monster” during his active career and was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame, knocks on the door of the big leagues.

The Associated Press reported on the 16th (Korean time) that Pablo Guerrero (17), the son of Guerrero and the younger brother of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (24, Toronto Blue Jays), signed a contract with the Texas Rangers.

“Father” Guerrero is a slugger with a career batting average of 0.318, 2590 hits, and 449 home runs during his active career. He was named the 2004 American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) and was an 8-time All-Star selection and 8-time Silver Slugger award. 바카라사이트

There is also a connection with Texas, where his son joined this time. His father, Guerrero, had his last All-Star and Silver Slugger, hitting 29 home runs and 115 RBIs for Texas in 2010, late in his playing career. Debuting in 2019, Guerrero Jr. succeeded his father’s generation and performed like a monster.

Guerrero Jr. established himself as the league’s leading slugger early on with a career batting average of 0.284, 104 home runs, and 310 RBIs over four years in the big leagues. He won the American League home run king in 2021 with a batting average of 0.311, 48 homers, and 111 RBIs.

Pablo Guerrero also shows the buds of a slugger. said, “Pablo, who is currently training with his uncle and former major league player Wilton Guerrero in the Dominican Republic, has a similar physique to his older brother. Currently, he is a third baseman and an outfielder, but plans to move to first baseman in the future.” In addition, the Washington Nationals signed outfielder Elian Soto (17), younger brother of San Diego Padres outfielder Juan Soto (25).

The Washington club, which released Soto through a trade in August of last year, added another ‘Soto’ to the team.

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