Independent team TNT FC ‘PhD in Psychology from K-League’ Lee Sang-woo appointed as head coach

 Independent club TNT FC has appointed coach Lee Sang-woo (37) as the new command tower to lead the 2023 season.

TNT FC announced on the 15th, “We analyzed the candidates for support in terms of club understanding, expertise, and team management, and decided coach Lee Sang-woo as the right person.”

Coach Lee Sang-woo, known as ‘Doctor of Sports Psychology from the K-League’, made his professional debut at FC Seoul in 2008 and retired from FC Anyang in 2016. Coach Lee, who prepared for his coaching course by obtaining an A-level coaching license this year, took his master’s and doctoral courses at Inha University Graduate School since his days as a player, and obtained his doctorate after his retirement. In 2020, he established Mental Performance, a sports psychology training institute, and presented a new model to the football world.

New head coach Lee Sang-woo expressed his determination, “I will warmly embrace the hearts and minds of the players who dream of a comeback, and do my best so that they can boldly take on challenges again.” 메이저사이트

The club said, “TNT FC aims to become the representative club of the lower league in Korea with a clear philosophy under the motto of ‘an independent club that fosters professionals’, ‘a link between elites and amateurs’, and ‘a community of studying footballers’.” He explained, “Director Lee Sang-woo judged it to be the best card to lead the club’s leap in the new season.”

TNT FC is a representative independent soccer team in Korea launched in 2015, and is a team that trains players who want to enter the professional and semi-professional stages at home and abroad. A total of 160 players since its inception, including Lee-Young Park (FC Sao Pauli, Germany), Eun-Soo Kong (LOK Leipzig, Germany), Sang-Hoon Ma (Seongnam FC), Yoon-Gu Kang (Incheon UTD), Dae-Hee Kwon (Lampoon, Thailand), and Young-Jun Kim (Citizens of Pocheon). It has established itself as a ‘soccer training center’ and ‘synonymous with independent football teams’ by advancing into domestic and international leagues.

Coach Lee Sang-woo joins the team after meeting with the team on the 19th and starts work including team formation and training in preparation for the 2023 season. The appointment of future coaching staff will be announced as soon as the coach completes his plan.

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