‘Impact’ AVG 0.289 with 8 doublers…Bae Ji-hwan Rookie HOT 10 Missing Case ‘What about the rookie king’

Bae Ji-hwan has been missing from MLB.com’s Rookie Hot 10 list for the last 30 days.

MLB. com released the list on Thursday (Nov. 14), starting with No. 1 Corbin Carroll (Arizona Diamondbacks), followed by Josh Jung (Texas Rangers), Bobby Biller (Los Angeles Dodgers), Spencer Steer and Matt McLain (Cincinnati Reds), Eury Perez (Miami Marlins), Senga Kodai (New York Mets), Francisco Alvarez (New York Mets), Gunner Henderson (Baltimore Orioles), and Will Brennan (Cleveland Cavaliers) from second through 10th.메이저사이트

Bae was mentioned alongside Patrick Bailey (San Francisco Giants) and Ryan Noda (Oakland Athletics) as other players of interest. In 33 games in May, Bae hit .289 with 28 homers in 97 at-bats, eight doubles, nine RBIs and 15 runs scored, but was pushed aside by other rookies.

Bae cooled off a bit in June. In nine games, he’s 7-for-28 with a .250 batting average. However, he still contributes to the team with six RBI, six runs scored, and four stolen bases. His aggressive baserunning and defense in the infield and outfield are both outstanding. He can be a liability, but more often than not, he’s a good influence on the team’s energy level.

However, he does have some stellar competition. According to MLB.com, Carroll is tied with Bae for second place in the stolen base race, but has a higher batting average. “Carroll is one of only two rookies with an OPS over 1.000 (1.200) in 100 or more plate appearances over the past month,” MLB.com writes. Over the past month, he’s batting .362 with eight home runs and 25 RBIs.

For the season, he’s batting .313 with 14 homers, 35 RBIs, 51 runs scored, 19 doubles, a .398 on-base percentage, a .599 slugging percentage, and a .997 OPS in 64 games. The bottom line for Bae is that it’s important for him to increase his overall production at the plate beyond just finishing second in the stolen base race.

Meanwhile, the most talked about rookie in the American League is Josh Chung. According to MLB.com, “Like Carroll, Jung has posted an OPS over 1.000 (1.030) in over 100 plate appearances over the past month. With five home runs, 15 RBIs and 21 runs scored, he’s just behind Carroll, but like Carroll, he’s a strong candidate for Rookie of the Year.”

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