Iksan City Hall Choi Seok-gi, who is about to retire, completes 300 full marathon courses

Choi Seok-gi (59), manager of the Cleaning Resources Department of Iksan City Hall, Jeonbuk Province, who is about to retire, recently set a record for completing 300 full-course marathons.

Choi, who started running the marathon in 2006 at the age of 42, completed the first full course at the 2007 Icheon Pottery Marathon and has traveled across the country for 16 years.

In November 2007, at the Gochang Marathon, he scored the goal in 2 hours 57 minutes 53 seconds and succeeded in sub-3 (complete the full course in less than 3 hours), his dream record as an amateur marathoner.

Among the total of 69 sub-3s he achieved, the best time was 2 hours 49 minutes 41 seconds set at the Seoul International Marathon.스포츠토토

Choi, who is about to retire in December of this year, is actively working as a pacemaker (a person who helps other runners achieve good records by adjusting their speed) to let many people know about the charm of the marathon.

In particular, he plans to participate in the half marathon course at the ‘Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Competition’ held in Iksan on the 14th because there is no full course.

Born and raised in Wido, Buan, he said, “I started running a marathon late at the age of 42 because I just liked running, but I never missed a day of exercise. Thanks to thorough management and determination, I was able to set a meaningful record.”

He added, “The marathon is a lonely battle with oneself, but it gives a great sense of achievement for the challenge and is a beneficial exercise to take care of one’s health. I will not stop running until my health allows it.”

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