“If you can’t throw a strike, be prepared to pack early”

The Lotte Giants 2023 season spring camp, which started in Guam on the 1st, is underway with tension and anticipation. The Lotte team is in the midst of digesting a more dense training schedule than during the previous spring camp. In particular, tension is being sensed more than ever in the intense competition system at the Lotte Pitching Training Range.

On the morning of the 2nd, the Lotte team conducted the first official training of the 2023 Spring Camp at the Dededo Sports Complex in Guam. Starting at 9:00 a.m., the team conducted conditioning training and technical training by position at three outdoor baseball fields and an indoor gym prepared at the Dededo Training Center. After the pitchers warmed up with morning conditioning training and running, they pitched in the bullpen to check their pitch.

The pitching team training was conducted under the guidance of first-team pitching coach Bae Young-soo (42) and bullpen coach Kang Young-shik (42). Coach Bae checked the physical condition of each pitcher at the bullpen pitching pitch. Players in the pitching team checked their physical condition by pitching around 30 pitches in the bullpen.메이저사이트

Coach Bae and some of the pitching team arrived in Guam as an advance team in late January, before the spring camp was held. It is to improve the condition in the warm weather before the start of the full-scale spring camp. Coach Bae was satisfied, saying, “The pitchers have built up their bodies well,” and “Thanks to Guam’s warm weather, their condition seems to be improving rapidly.”

Coach Bae, who was also selected as one of the ‘KBO Legends 40’ last year, constantly emphasized the competitive system to his junior pitchers. Coach Bae is imprinting on the players the idea that ‘you must throw well to get on the mound’. Coach Larry Sutton also actively supported Coach Bae’s pitching team training method.

Coach Bae repeatedly emphasized to the pitching team players to ‘throw accurately’. It is an order to make 1 strike 1 ball with 2 balls from the bullpen pitching. Players should be prepared to run instead of pitch if they fail to strike.

Coach Bae said, “Pitchers must be able to throw strikes when they want more than anything else. Coach Bae said, “Pitchers who can’t throw properly may return to Korea early before the end of spring camp.”

Coach Kang Young-sik, who served as the bullpen coach for the first team this season, also has a lot of conversations with the pitchers and closely monitors their physical condition. Coach Kang is giving advice to junior pitchers by making use of his experience as a bullpen pitcher for a long time during his active career. Coach Kang said, “I try to help pitchers focus on their own pitching without being swayed by changes in external conditions or situations.” Since his days as a pitching coach for the 2nd team, Coach Kang has carefully recorded the words, gait, and psychology of the players to monitor the pitcher’s psychological state. Coach Kang said, “With coach Bae Young-soo, we plan to take good care of the players so that the pitching team can perform well this season.”

The players also showed satisfaction with the training methods of Coach Bae and Coach Kang. Seo Jun-won (23), who played an active role as a Geelong Korea player in the Australian Professional Baseball League after the 2022 season, said, “The coaches give a lot of advice so that each player can improve their strengths.” I shouted to fight.

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