‘I asked him to play catch,’ he withdrew after less than 10 minutes of training, canceled LG-KIA game due to ground conditions

The grounds became soggy due to the rain that fell on and off throughout the day.

The game between the LG Twins and the KIA Tigers scheduled for Tuesday at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field has been canceled due to poor field conditions. It rained continuously in the morning in the Gwangju area. The rain stopped around 1 p.m. and has been falling on and off since then. At around 4:40 p.m., the umpires decided that the ground conditions were too difficult to play on and canceled the game.

Meanwhile, KIA players took to the field for outdoor training after the rain stopped around 2pm. Foreign pitchers Panoni and Sanchez, as well as young pitchers Lee Yi-ri and Choi Ji-min, took the field with pitching coach Seo Jae-heng and began playing catch.

However, after a while, it started to rain heavily again. The players continued to play catch in the rain, soaking their hair and uniforms. The rain grew heavier and heavier, and after about 10 minutes, the players had to leave.메이저사이트

With the game canceled due to ground conditions, KIA has already had 17 rainouts this season. This is the highest number among the 10 teams. For KIA, which is aiming to enter the top five, the remaining schedule, which is bound to be tight, will be a big factor in the fierce standings battle in the second half of the season.

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