“How dare you tattoo my face?” The story of Neymar sending 42 million won to Richarlison

Reporter Park Jae-ho = Richarlison (25) was put in a difficult situation because of his tattoo.

Richarlison recently revealed a tattoo on his back through his social network service (SNS), with his face in the middle and the faces of his two idols, Ronaldo and Neymar, on both sides. Above the faces of the three are the Brazilian flag and the message ‘Você fez o Brasil sorrir’ (You made Brazil laugh) written by the legendary Pele. Below, he is shown standing in a slum wearing uniform number 9, which is Hishalli Song’s uniform number, which seems to embody his own childhood. 안전놀이터

But it seems that Neymar did not want his face to be engraved on the body of his teammates. According to Brazilian media <Globo>, Neymar sent Richarlison 30,000 euros (approximately 42 million won) to remove his face tattoo. From this, it seems that Richarlison got the tattoo without seeking Neymar’s consent.

Meanwhile, Richarlison played a total of 4 games at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, scoring 3 goals and making a big success. In particular, in the first leg of the group stage against Serbia, he scored a fantastic bicycle kick and was considered one of the best goals of the tournament.

Richarlison, who returned to his team Tottenham, is expected to miss about a month due to a hamstring injury suffered during the World Cup.