Hot Kyu-Sung Cho “I want to go to Europe right now!”

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Cho Kyu-sung, who emerged as a surprise star at the Qatar World Cup, declared that he would like to go to Europe this winter, which is receiving a lot of attention.

Cho Kyu-sung’s candid mind is that he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to receive love calls from overseas clubs.

Reporter Junhee Lee reports.


Perhaps thanks to his changed status through the World Cup, Kyu-Sung Cho’s expression shows a sense of composure.

[Soundbite] [Soundbite] Cho Kyu-sung/Jeonbuk : “Many people love him, so now I can feel it.”]

Cho Kyu-sung is known to be receiving offers from Scotland’s Celtic, Germany’s Mainz, and America’s Minnesota.

He said he would make a decision as soon as possible, saying he wants to challenge the overseas stage through the winter transfer market with about 15 days left as he is in the spotlight.

[Soundbite] Cho Gyu-seong/Jeonbuk : “If I don’t go out in the winter, the teams that came like this (proposal) may not want me, my ransom may drop, and my physical condition may deteriorate. There is).”]슬롯사이트

He added that the transfer fee offered by the clubs shows how much they want him, and that he will consider it first.

[Cho Kyu-seong: “I think the transfer fee is also important to me. I think that’s how much you want me.”]

Unlike Cho Kyu-seong, who wants to leave right away, the club’s position is that leaving in the summer is good for both the team and the players.

[Kim Sang-sik: “I don’t want to let go. To be honest, I watched the World Cup with joy and congratulations when I scored two goals against Ghana.”]

Cho Kyu-seong revealed that his ultimate goal is to play in the English Premier League, so he is highly likely to choose a team that is advantageous for advancing into the EPL. I see.

This is Lee Jun-hee from KBS News.

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