Home for 30,000 spectators, ‘Soccer Spring’ came to Seoul 

Good performance → large crowd → good result → large crowd again. These days, it is a virtuous cycle structure of FC Seoul. Sad moments are repeated in both content and results, and the days of being afraid of home games have long been forgotten. Expectations and excitement coexist at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in the 2023 season.

The same was true of the 14th round match between Seoul and Jeju United at Sangambeol on the 20th of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023. At 4:00 pm, two hours before kick-off, it was crowded from the beginning of the stadium. The long line around the fan park did not diminish, and as expected, 20,338 people entered.

Of course, Saturday night games are the best environment for watching soccer. There are more spectators than usual because you can spend a leisurely and lazy weekend night meaningfully. But Seoul is special. It is because he chose a macho atmosphere and a complete breakup for extreme fans only. It is a space where enthusiastic fans, families with young children, and young couples spend valuable time. A father visiting the stadium with his young daughter in a pink uniform has become a common sight now.토토사이트

Seoul’s goal for the season is clear. We want to reopen the era of ‘30,000 spectators of dreams’. Thirteen years ago, Seoul experienced that moment. A total of 488,641 spectators, an average of 32,576 spectators, were recorded in 15 home games in the 2010 season, which were at the top of the K-League. In the K-League, Seoul was the only one with an average of 30,000 spectators per season.

This year, when the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic ended, is also unusual. Slowly, but little by little, we are heading towards 30,000 spectators. A total of 185,528 people, an average of 26,504 people in 7 home games until the game against Jeju.

The club’s efforts to change the stadium from a ‘place to watch soccer’ to a ‘place to watch football’ are great enough that popular celebrities first inquire about the time axis, but the excellent performance is also having a good effect. Until the 14th round, Seoul is chasing the leader Ulsan Hyundai hard with 7 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, with 24 points.

In the match against Jeju that ended 1-1, his potential was proven. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Seoul conceded first to Jeju Yuri Jonathan, and 5 minutes later, Willian’s equalizer scored a precious 1 point. On the 5th, against Jeonbuk Hyundai, they tied 1-1 with a last-minute equalizer, and in the match against Gwangju FC on the 9th, they allowed a tie after the opening goal, but from the middle of the second half, Seoul, which won 3-1 with an onslaught, expected and hoped until the final whistle. became a team that gave Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo, who emphasized, “As a leading club in the K-League, we must always give a message to our fans,” felt the wind through. Now, Seoul is enjoying the ‘soccer spring’.

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