High school student Kim Seung-gu “Looking forward to a match with Master Shin Jin-seo”

matches (Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) Kim Seung-gu, 16 years and 8 months old, who is in high school (2nd year), is a final league roster consisting of 10 elite players. was named in It has been exactly 50 days since his professional debut.

Kim Seung-gu’s first dan defeated Kim Seung-jin’s 2nd dan in the preliminary round of the 2023 YK Gungi Cup Shin Ye-jo held at the Korea Kiwon Competition Hall on the afternoon of the 30th. 2 hours and 30 minutes, 221 counts of non-success.

Kim Seung-gu’s impression of the first team, “It was not good all the time, but it seems that the opponent made a mistake in the second half and was able to win.” The two knights are friends of the same age. Kim Seung-jin, who passed the young talent recruitment contest, joined the pro team about a year and a half early.

The preliminaries to determine the 7 finalists are divided into regular groups and rookie groups. The new recruits are knights born after 2006. 16 players participated and competed for one final ticket and the future leader.

YK Gun Ki-bae, who thinks of younger players, has selected Han Woo-jin, born in 2005, and Kim Eun-ji, born in 2007, as wild cards in the electric competition and provided them with a chance to play in the final league. YK stands for ‘Young Korea’. 안전놀이터

Kim Seung-gu’s first team joined in December of last year. He received a professional license as he ranked first in the grades of Korean origin research students. The match on this day was the 5th round of the professional match. It’s really a sun chick.

He lost in the preliminaries of the MZ Go Super Match in December last year, which was his debut match, but this year, he won 4 consecutive victories with only YK Gungi-bae. He beat Lim Kyung-chan’s first dan, Lim Lim’s first dan, and Kim Eun-ji’s 5th dan, one year younger than him.

“I’m happy to be selected for the final league, and I will cherish each game as it is a good opportunity,” said Kim Seung-goo, “I look forward to playing against Instructor Shin Jin-seo.” The target multiplier is a 50% win rate.

On the other hand, the 1st round of 6 groups of general group qualifiers, which are fighting for the right to advance to the finals of 6 chapters, is in progress. The first round of qualifiers will continue until February 6, and 6 of the first round qualifiers and ranking seeds Jinseo Shin, Sangil Byeon, Minjun Shin, Gunho Park, Seongjin Won, and Seongjun Ahn will join in the second round.

In the final round of the 10-man full league, which is the final gateway to determine the two finalists, Dong-Yoon Kang, 9P, the winner of the previous tournament, and Jeong-Hwan Park, 9P, the runner-up, are seeded first. The prize money for the championship was 60 million won (30 million won for the runner-up), an increase of 10 million won from the previous term.

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