High school baseball abuse case, “I don’t let go of the victim’s baseball”

On the 14th, this magazine independently reported on the school violence case in high school baseball.

In addition to this report, many people were shocked when it was reported that the son of an incumbent professional baseball manager was one of the perpetrators at KBS. As a result, many contacts were received from the newspaper that carried out the first report. Most of them were questions about the timing of follow-up reports, but among them, there was also an e-mail contact from a parent presumed to be the perpetrator. In this regard, this paper heard the positions of both the ‘player specified as the perpetrator’ and the ‘player specified as the victim’ in order to clarify the case. Also, I tried to listen to the story as it is, without specifying the victim/perpetrator.

Sensing subtle energy after terrestrial broadcasting report, only
parents identified as victims can be contacted.
All of the KBS reports are true. “I hope my son overcomes it well”

First, after the report of this magazine went out, parents who were presumed to be offenders contacted me. It was a story that the article was written only from the victim’s point of view. However, at the bottom of the article at the time, this magazine emphasized the fact that ‘listen to the opinions of both sides, and tell us if there is anything to correct.’ To hear the details, I decided to take the time to conduct a wired interview.

However, after the terrestrial report came out, a subtle energy was detected. It was because the parents, who were identified as the perpetrators, were continuously contacted, but the call itself failed because the time was not right. In response, he actively requested an explanation via text message, but there was no response. Inevitably, the magazine tried to call the parents of the player identified as the victim again.

Parent A, who readily responded to the interview with this magazine, emphasized that “the contents of KBS’s report are all true.” It was that his son was constantly being bullied, and that there was also a son who is currently a professional baseball manager. Regardless of the severity of the offense, there was bullying among classmates, and it is said that the son spent a considerable amount of time between them. He reiterated that it was also true that he received a letter from the manager saying he was sorry for not teaching his son well. However, the leader only vowed to take off his son’s uniform himself if the wrongdoing was clearly revealed after the school riot committee was formally held, but he spared his words on issues related to this.

Then, Mr. A said, “If my son had no talent for baseball at all, he would not have done it at all. So, while taking baseball tutoring, I wanted to find out if my son really had any buds. The result was a diagnosis that it would be good to play baseball in the future. Just parents As a baseball player, I thought that I could wish for nothing more if it allowed me to play the game I love to the fullest.” However, Mr. A, who did not want to lose his composure, shed tears when he told the story of the situation in which his son would have struggled alone.먹튀검증

“I really cry when I think of my son. I am a person who has no tears, and I regret that if I had known it would be like this, I would not have made him play baseball. .” He expressed his regret for his son. On the other hand, “I was not forced to transfer, but there is a situation where I was allowed to transfer on my own. And there is also a point where the leader did not respond properly to this. Rather, we hope more than anyone else that the school riot will open quickly and the truth will be revealed. There is. So I hope the mistake is clearly covered.”

Fortunately, the player identified as the victim is separated from the player designated as the perpetrator and is still traveling to and from the baseball field. In response, the instructor of the student said, “It is a talent that is too wasteful to quit baseball. Above all, he has good strength and quick learning ability, and he can finish 100m track and field in 11 seconds. How easy is it to find a promising player with both power and speed? If you meet well and start the water well, you will become a big player on your own.”

Of course, even after this report was written, we will always listen to the stories of parents of student athletes identified as perpetrators. What is clear is that no one should feel unfair about something like the School Violence Committee.

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