Helmet thrown → drunk driving → captain hardened → annual salary cut in half… will the crisis become an opportunity for Ha Joo-seok in a vicious cycle

 It was an expected situation, but Ha Joo-seok signed an annual salary contract that was cut in half.

The annual salary of Joo-Seok Ha of the Hanwha Eagles, who was suspended for 72 games for drunk driving, was cut in half. On the 26th, Hanwha released the results of the negotiations on the salary of the players, and Ha Joo-seok’s salary came as the most shocking. Ha Joo-seok, who received an annual salary of 209 million won last year, signed a contract for 100 million won, a cut of 109 million won this time. Exactly 50.2% cut.

For Ha Joo-seok, 2022 has become a year he wants to forget. grades fell. In 125 games, he was sluggish with a batting average of 2.5 8 with 5 home runs and 58 RBI. There was also an incident. During the season, he received a 10-game suspension for an incident in which a foreign coach was hit by throwing his helmet into the dugout on the ground and received negative attention. And after the season, drunk driving was caught, and he was suspended for 72 games.

Naturally, he had to remove the C-mark from his uniform as captain for two years. The captain who should lead his fellow juniors has rather become a person who harms the team atmosphere with a bunch of accidents.

His performance has declined, and since he is unable to play half of the season, some are wondering if his annual salary should be cut by more than half. Even though it has decreased by half, the anger of the fans has not been resolved.

Ha Joo-seok, who has consistently received attention as a promising shortstop, has become a 12-year veteran. He hoped to become a senior who should lead and set an example because he is a Hanwha with many young juniors, but he rather became a person of interest who harmed the team atmosphere.

The club no longer covered Ha Joo-seok’s actions. A cut in half of the annual salary is a clear warning message from the club. It means that the eyes looking at Ha Joo-seok have changed. It is clear that a major crisis has come to Ha Joo-seok’s baseball life. 바카라사이트

There is a saying that ‘crisis is opportunity’. It is not uncommon to see a reversal of efforts made in a crisis situation.

Can Ha Joo-seok, who is still evaluated as having failed to reach his potential, show a different side of himself through this incident? We’ll know in July.

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