‘Gum than this (?)’ The amazing record of the coach who will make up for Conte’s absence.. 100% win rate

▲ Tottenham Hotspur coach Antonio Conte, who returned after gallbladder surgery
▲ Returned quickly, but returned to Italy because he could not regain his condition ▲
Conte, who will be away for the time being, will be replaced by coach Stellini
▲ Tottenham’s unique record, the succession of coach Stellini

[ Goal.com] Reporter Park Moon-soo = Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte will temporarily put down the baton to recover his health. Tottenham’s temporary head coach instead of Conte is coach Christian Stellini.

Tottenham announced on the afternoon of the 16th, Korean time, that manager Conte would be taking a break through the club’s official channel. The club announced that coach Conte is resting with his family and recovering his condition. At the same time, ‘as health is the most important factor to consider, everyone on the team wishes coach Conte to regain his health’ and wished for a speedy recovery.

The club said that for the time being coach Stellini will lead the team in place of Conte.

No specific period was given. It seems that the timing will be decided depending on the recovery of coach Conte’s health.

Tottenham Hotspur, who will take the helm instead of Conte, will call West Ham United home at 1:30 am on the 20th.

Tottenham’s recent mood is not very good. We desperately need 3 points. He managed to bounce back with a 1-0 win against Manchester City, but lost 1-4 to Leicester. It’s like going out on a fox hunt and being bitten by a fox. In the subsequent Milan expedition, it was caught 0-1.

Of course, at an important time, even the head of the team is inevitably absent for recovery from surgery.

In the case of the Premier League this season, the competition for the top ranks is very fierce. Arsenal, who was the leader, failed to accumulate a win in three consecutive matches, giving up the lead to Manchester City. Here, the pursuit of Manchester United under the Ten Hach system is also fierce.

Newcastle’s progress with oil money is also outstanding. Liverpool and Chelsea are on good terms, but they have been pushed out, but the competition from the rest of the team is on fire.

Tottenham’s current standings are 5th. With one more game played, the score against fourth-place Newcastle안전놀이터 United is two points. The rankings may go down further depending on the schedule of the regular games. The difference between Brighton and Brighton, who played two less games than Tottenham, is four points. Depending on how many points Brighton wins in the second consecutive match, the 5th place is also at stake.

At least, Tottenham’s record under the Stellini coaching system is encouraging. Of course, the sample itself is small. They won 2 out of 2 matches. The first match was against Marseille in the final match of the UEFA Champions League group stage. The next was a 1-0 win over Manchester City.

Meanwhile, coach Stellini, born in 1975, played mainly as a defender during his active career. He met Conte in Bari, where he took off his football boots. After retiring from active duty, he joined Conte’s division. In Siena, Juventus, Inter Milan and Tottenham, manager Stellini has played a strong supporting role for Conte.

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