‘Guillotine Match’ 8 consecutive losses, KB Insurance laughed! Samsung Fire & Marine 6th consecutive victory 

 The winner of the ‘Guillotine Match’ was KB Insurance.

Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium on the 13th. KB Insurance and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, the two men’s men’s teams in a losing streak, met on a single wooden bridge. Prior to the match, KB Insurance had 8 consecutive losses and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance had 5 consecutive losses. Attention was focused on which of the two teams at the end of the men’s leaderboard would take the victory.

The goddess of victory smiled at KB Insurance. KB Insurance, which broke up with Nicola Melanac ahead of the match, made a starting lineup with domestic players. With substitute foreign player Andres Vijena unable to join, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, led by Ikbairi, seemed inevitable.

However, KB Insurance took the first set and set the mood. The Korean people blocked Ikbairi and Kim Jeong-ho’s attacks one after another, and Son Jun-young’s back attack broke out, succeeding in suppressing the baseline. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance once succeeded in reversing, but KB Insurance succeeded in scoring consecutively with Shin Seung-hun’s serve, overturning the match and taking the first set 25-23. 토토

The balance was balanced as Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which reorganized the battle line, took the 2nd set. However, KB Insurance ran away early with Han Sang-jeong’s consecutive goals in the third set, and took the third set with a large score difference of 25-14 while steadily accumulating points amid Samsung Fire’s mistakes. Even at the beginning of the 4th set, KB Insurance, which set the mood with Han Sang-jung’s open attack, broke Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s pursuit with organized play without any mistakes after a long time and scored a set score 3 to 1 (25-23, 23-25, 25-14, 25- 21), and succeeded in escaping from the 8-game losing streak.

KB Insurance ranked 6th with 12 points (4 wins and 9 losses), and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance maintained 7th place with 8 points (2 wins and 12 losses).

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