‘German legend’ Klinsmann discussing national team coach position… “Cha Doo-ri plays a bridge role”

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann is discussing the position of coach of the Korean national team.

After Paulo Bento, the post of coach of the national team is still vacant. It is a situation where the strand is held as an overseas leader rather than domestic, and several candidates have been mentioned안전놀이터. Starting with Rafael Benitez, Chi Chi and Roberto Moreno were named.

Another ‘legendary’ name was nominated. The main character is Klinsman. It is a name that anyone who has been watching soccer for a long time must have heard at least once. He was a player active in the 1980s and 1990s, but his achievements are still talked about. He scored 47 goals in 108 appearances for Germany, which is the fourth highest goal scorer in the history of the German national team.

His award history is also splendid. He led the German national team to lift the FIFA World Cup in 1990 and the UEFA European Football Championship in 1996. He also won the UEFA Cup with Inter Milan and Bayern Munich. In 1995, he came second in the Ballon d’Or and also won the Bundesliga top scorer in the 1987-88 season.

His managerial experience is also sufficient. He captained the German national team from 2004 to 2006 and reached third place at the 2006 World Cup. After that, he went to Munich and took the helm of the US National Team from 2011 to 2016. In 2013, he lifted the trophy at the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Coach Klinsman, who has such a brilliant career, was mentioned as a candidate for the Korean national team. German media ‘Kicker’ said, “Klinsmann is known to be a candidate for the position of coach of the Korean national team. Discussions are currently underway. Cha Doo-ri, who played an active role in the Bundesliga in the past, is expected to play a role as a bridge.”

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