‘Figure skating queen’ who became a daily teacher for dreamers… Yuna Kim’s ‘Special Class’

‘Figure skating queen’ who became a daily teacher for dreamers… Yuna Kim’s ‘Special Class’

It’s a nice face. The legend of Korean figure skating, Yuna Kim, has been on the silver plate for the first time in a long time. She got married and made her first public appearance. With the appearance of Yuna Kim, today (the 14th) has become a more special class for figure skating dreamers.

Tighten up your skating shoes and get on the ice in sportswear, not flashy outfits.

Today, I am Yuna Kim, a teacher, not Yuna Kim, a player.

She showed off each movement in front of the figure skating dreamers and said,

“You can’t turn fast. Back after back… all at once!”

Stand close and correct your posture one by one.

Her teacher says it is meaningful just to breathe with her young students.

[Kim Yu-na/Former national figure skating representative: It was so fun to spend time with energetic and energetic young players after a long time. Teaching is important, but spending time with young players is more meaningful… ]

The young players who met the legend in front of their eyes are nervous, but they are focused not to miss this moment.

[Suan Choi / 3rd grader of Maewon Elementary School: Thank you for teaching me, Yuna Kim.]

[Yunseo Heo / 6th grader of Geubeo Elementary School: I think it was more honorable to meet you in person. Teacher Yuna Kim, I always respect and love her.]

Since her senior debut, Yuna Kim, who has an unprecedented record of reaching the podium in all competitions she participated in, has always been an ‘inspiration’ to her juniors.슬롯사이트

[Jia Shin/National Figure Skating Representative: Because I respect Yuna very much… She’s 7, I think she was around first grade. I think she watched the Vancouver Olympics.]

For young athletes, today’s event is bound to be more special.

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