‘Exercise concentration’ Hyundai Mobis, Myung-Jin Seo and Tae-Wan Kim interview

 Hyundai Mobis proved to be Korea Gas Corporation’s natural enemy.

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis won 84-77 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Daegu Korea Gas Corporation held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 16th. Hyundai Mobis recorded 25 wins and 17 losses, maintaining a tie for third place with Seoul SK.

Seo Myung-jin, who started as a starter, said, “It was a situation where we were relaxed. But (Lee) Woo-seok was suddenly injured, and we played harder for Woo-seok.

” In response,

Seo Myung-jin said, “There are similarities with us when playing sets. I thought it would be good to block the attacking players. Also, we had a good shot at the Daegu Gymnasium. It was the result of believing and working hard in the game.”

Rookie Kim Tae-wan, who scored 8 points while running the court for 23 minutes and 33 seconds, said, 슬롯사이트“There was a scene where I couldn’t concentrate in the beginning. After (Lee) Woo-seok got hurt, I told him that we should all focus and do well. I think I won by concentrating until the end,” he said, leaving his impression of victory.

28 seconds before the end of the game, Kim Tae-wan poured cold water on the pursuit of Gas Corporation by putting in a decisive 3-point shot. In response, he said, “There were a few mistakes in the middle of the game. I felt good because I made up for my mistake by making a successful 3-point shot,” he said, expressing the feeling of making a decisive 3-point shot.

Hyundai Mobis will challenge Suwon KT for a second consecutive win at home on the 18th.

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