Empathy is difficult… Jang Min-jae’s 115 million won, Ha Joo-seok’s 109 million won

One day in May. Director Carlos Subero left a memorable comment. It is self-blame for the use of pitchers. “Jang Min-jae has been throwing well since the second half of last season. It was my mistake for not using him as a starter a little sooner. He feels sorry too.”

This is unusual. It’s not a great ace level, and it’s not a very dazzling performance. It was when I played 4 starting games. He suffered only 1 loss without a win. There is no reason for the manager to apologize to such a pitcher. Rather, the parties are embarrassed. “I read the director’s interview article, and it was my fault for not throwing a good ball. Last year (2021), I was in the 2nd Army for too long. It is absolutely not the director’s mistake.” (Jang Min-jae) The

season started with a pursuit team. He only took the mound when he was losing, or when the starters were down. Then an opportunity arose. This is because foreign pitchers left the game one after another. And he did a good job even in the sudden situation. He was persistent and sincere until the very end. He’s 7-8 with a 3.55 ERA. It is the most wins since joining in 2009. 126.2 innings is also the best.

# It was the end of the season. The battle for ranking was fierce. The Eagles weren’t even interested. The dugout topic is trying hard to find hope. “Who will be the best selection for the opening game next year (2023)?” It’s a hot topic. Fortunately, there are many young guns. Names like Kim Min-woo, Moon Dong-ju, and Nam Ji-min are floating around.

It was then. Director Subero is straight. “You can’t leave out Jang Min-jae.” And raise the tone even more. “We had a very difficult season this year. All four foreign pitchers failed to finish. Kim Min-woo had some ups and downs, and Moon Dong-ju was also absent due to an injury. The most consistent member of our team was Jang Min-jae. He wants to give you a gift.” (Director Subero’s principle is to leave the selection for the opening game to domestic pitchers.)

# It’s June. The baseball board flipped over. Because of the incident in Daejeon. Dissatisfied with the decision, President Ha threw away his helmet. One of the coaches was hit and nearly injured. Received a 10-game suspension.

When the claim was lost, an agent was needed. The director pointed out Jang Min-jae. He said, “He is a player who works harder than anyone else and is dedicated to the team. He is a player who can put us to rest in our stormy two weeks.” Expectations were not broken. During the period, he also prevented a dark 10-game losing streak (5.1 scoreless innings against Samsung on June 24).

# There is something commonly called ‘Ryu Hyun-jin Academy’. This camp is held every year around this time. It consists of 4 members, mainly Jang Min-jae, Lee Tae-yang and one junior. I will spend about two weeks in Okinawa, Japan, or Jeju Island. All expenses are borne by the Director of the Academy. It is a thought for the juniors. 토토사이트

But this year it was canceled. It’s because of the elbow rehabilitation of the captain. Then the senior student came forward. Jang Min-jae gave similarly what he received from his senior. I took 11-year-old Nam Ji-min to Gangjin, Jeollanam-do. He took care of two weeks of eating and sleeping. “It’s nothing special, it’s about the price of a sauna and coffee,” he says modestly.

The Eagles’ salary renewal contract has been concluded. Overall, it’s a depressing mood. why not Each person is responsible for the team’s performance. In the meantime, the results of the two draw attention. They are Jang Min-jae and Ha Joo-seok.

The 33-year-old pitcher saw a 51.3 percent increase. It rose from 76 million won → 115 million won. It is the highest amount since joining. On the other hand, the 29-year-old shortstop was cut. 100 million won was cut from 209 million won. The reduction rate is 50.2%. It seems to be because of the two punishments he received during the season and off-season.

Of course, the salary is the result of comprehensive judgment. It is the sum of cumulative achievements. But anyway, it is. One has had the most dedicated season. He is a one club man for 15 years. The other, on the other hand, was miserable. Fell from franchise star to abyss. Those two are still similar. It’s hard to empathize.

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