‘Dolbucher lost his composure’, humiliated with only one out, Oh Seung-hwan ‘takes out his anger on the sky with all his might’

“I’ve never seen Seung-hwan Oh so angry before.” Seung-hwan Oh, the KBO’s best closer, has a nickname for himself. Whether the outcome is good or bad, the closer keeps a poker face as he steps onto the mound and throws his pitches.

When he loses his composure and lets out his anger, the broadcasters and his teammates in the dugout are stunned.스포츠토토

Choi Seung-hwan, who was eager to end the losing streak, took the mound in the eighth inning, but was pulled with the tying run on base and only one out.

Jamsil LG Electronics traveled to Suwon after dropping all three games. Samsung was desperate to end the losing streak. Kim Young-woong’s inside-the-park home run (3 runs) in the second inning and Suarez’s six innings of two-run ball gave Samsung a 6-4 lead.

Manager Park Jin-man brought up closer Oh Seung-hwan in the eighth inning to end the losing streak. But the result was disastrous.

A two-run lead. Samsung closer Oh Seung-hwan fielding a bunt hit by KT’s Jeong Jun-young, the first batter, but the ball slipped behind the first baseman, allowing the run to score.
Closer Oh Seung-hwan takes the mound. The leadoff hitter, KT Jung Jun-young, laid down a bunt on a 142-kilometer fastball from Oh Seung-hwan and sprinted toward first base.

Seung-hwan Oh immediately made a defensive move to catch the ball with his bare hands and throw to first baseman Gong Min-kyu, but the ball dropped backwards, saving the runner.

Seung-hwan Oh’s mind was racing as he was aware of the fast runner. 1B 2S Oh Seung-hwan’s five-pitch 133-kilometer slider to KT Park Kyung-soo, who was on first base, was thrown over the head of center fielder Kim Hyun-jun.

Samsung center fielder Kim Hyun-jun’s defense of KT Park Kyung-soo’s bunt in the 8th inning: ‘If I had caught it…’
Closer Oh Seung-hwan’s face hardened after giving up the hit. With two outs, KT’s Ahn Chi-young singled to center field. With the tying run on base, the Samsung bench had no choice but to pull Oh Seung-hwan from the mound.

While getting one out, he gave up a run and left the tying run on third base. Coach Jung Hyun-wook handed the ball to reliever Kim Gap-soo and headed to the mound. Oh Seung-hwan came off the mound without receiving the ball from Jung Hyun-wook.

In his hand, he held the ball that was handed to him by catcher Kim Jae-sung after the last pitch. Seung-hwan Oh came down from the mound with a stoic expression. At this point, everyone was stunned. Seung-hwan Oh suddenly threw the ball as hard as he could toward the outfield, where there were no spectators. It was as if he was angry at his own disappointing pitching. He threw the ball in a furious manner. I had never seen anything like this before.

Coach Jung Hyun-wook came to the mound to reprimand Dolbuchu. He threw the ball as hard as he could at Oh Seung-hwan, who was furious with him. ‘Between the bullpen and outfield with no spectators’
Commentator Lee Sang-hoon, a former starting and closing pitcher, said, “I’ve never seen Oh Seung-hwan so angry before. I wonder if he wanted to blow his bad day over the fence,” he said, trying to understand Dolbucher’s feelings.

Oh throws up his glove as he enters the dugout. Left-hander Lee Seung-hyun followed him to the mound, but a throwing error by third baseman Kim Young-woong tied the game. After a walk and a hit batter in the ninth, Lee Ho-yeon gave up the game-winning hit, and Samsung’s trusty bullpen collapsed.

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