Do you know ‘water cycle’, a bicycle enjoyed on water?

 A new concept water bike ‘Water Cycle’ has appeared that can be enjoyed anywhere, including tourist attractions, parks and lakes.

The water bicycle ‘Water Cycle’ is an eco-friendly and safe new-concept leisure sports equipment that is designed to be easily ridden by people of all ages and genders.먹튀검증

The biggest advantage of ‘water cycle’ is that it can be applied to various forms of design, so it can be enjoyed anywhere, such as tourist attractions, parks, and lakes.

In particular, unlike existing water bikes, there is no power unit, so there is no noise and little maintenance cost. In addition, it has its own buoyancy body, so it is eye-catching that it floats on the surface of the water without a separate power source.

This ‘Water Cycle’ presented by the ‘Idea Consulting Research Institute’ has further enhanced stability by applying patent pending technology. In addition, it is said that the shock absorption function has been strengthened by incorporating special materials, away from the existing method of injecting air into the buoyancy body or mounting an air bag outside.

In addition, durability was improved by improving the frame structure, and ergonomic design was reflected so that passengers could feel comfortable when riding.

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