Director Kim Pan-gon “Malaysian identity, must have it to be able to sacrifice”

Malaysia national football team

Kim Pan- gon Malaysia national football team coach Kim Pan-gon said that while he regretted failing to advance to the finals at the 2022 AFF (Southeast Asian Football Confederation) Championship, he was satisfied with the success of reaching the semi-finals under difficult conditions. Organized the contest.

Malaysia, led by coach Kim, has advanced to the semifinals at the 2022 AFF Championship with only the second final round remaining. After reaching the semi-finals as second place in Group B, Malaysia won 1-0 against Thailand in the first round of the semifinals, but had to finish the tournament by losing 0-3 in the second round away. From coach Kim’s point of view, the victory in the home match against Thailand, where one goal was taken away due to a mistake, is regrettable, and the result of the second round of the away game, which failed to maintain an advantageous situation, is also regrettable.

In an interview with <Best Eleven>, coach Kim said, “Because you did well in the home game against Thailand, I thought I would go to the final with good results in the away game 2, but there was a limit.” After the tournament, all the people liked it. It’s a pity, but I will do better next time,” he looked back at this tournament.

Some clubs, such as Johor Darul Takzim, showed their pride for achieving good results even in difficult conditions, such as opposing the selection of national players. Manager Kim said honestly about the difficulties and mental burdens during the process, “The Malaysian Football Association and people around me were very worried because it was difficult to select players.

Still, the process of entering the semifinals was good, especially the last game of the group stage against Singapore (4-1 victory). They said they had never won, but the local fans were really happy about a big victory and reaching the semifinals.” 슬롯사이트

He said that there were also gains in the tactical aspect. Manager Kim said, “We are trying to change the style of Malaysian football. Rather than possession, we are trying to pursue a game that focuses on pressing and quick attacks. We are trying to make passing, ball handling skills, and speed throughout the game more dynamic and challenging, and I am a fan of that aspect. People like it. First of all, I am satisfied with the color of the team that I have created for the past year.”

Most of all, when I told the players that they had interviewed many players emphasizing Malaysia’s national identity through this tournament, they replied with strength, “Only when that’s the basis can I sacrifice for the team.” Manager Kim said, “I keep emphasizing that point even now. Malaysia is a country made up of a total of nine states, so we put a lot of emphasis on unity. The country’s motto is United. Patriotism must be emphasized within the team, and only when that is the basis can sacrifices be made.” It can,” he said.

Meanwhile, Malaysia, which has wrapped up the AFF Championship, is now expected to start preparing for the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup finals. Malaysia, under coach Kim, has broken through the regional qualifiers for the first time in 43 years and is now in the finals of the tournament. Attention is focusing on whether the potential shown at the AFF Championship can be shown on a higher stage. 

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