Daegu FC, Pohang Steelers ‘with gums instead of teeth’… Farewell to core Jung Tae-wook and Shin Jin-ho

Amid the opening of the K League 1 2023 season, a common concern among professional soccer teams in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province is’power leak’. Daegu and Pohang transfused ‘new blood’ through this K-League winter transfer market, but they parted ways with the team’s key players.

Daegu FC, a professional football club, sent Jeong Tae-wook of ‘Palgongsanseong’ to Jeonbuk last month.

Jeong Tae-wook, who has been responsible for Daegu’s defense since 2019, is a 194cm tall player with excellent physical strength, and his defensive power is evaluated as the top of the K-League. He has a fighting spirit that does not mind a rough fight with an attacker, and even has the ability to score with the right to provide in set-piece situations.

Jung Tae-wook, who fully developed his skills in Daegu, has grown into a player that the team cannot be without. He led Daegu to advance to Group A in the final round for three consecutive seasons. He also contributed to the 2021 Korea Football Association (FA) Cup runner-up and 2021 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League round of 16 advance.

From the standpoint of Daegu, which plays defensive football, Jung Tae-wook’s departure is bound to be a big burden.

On the 1st, Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon expressed regret about Jung Tae-wook’s transfer, saying, “It has been every year that the main players leave,” but also said, “There are regrets and regrets. In fact, it is a lot of burden.”

Daegu brought in Kim Kang-san, a defender who played an active part in K-League 2 Bucheon FC prior to Tae-wook Jeong’s transfer, but it is unknown whether he will be a replacement for Tae-wook Jeong.

Kim Kang-san is evaluated as a central defender with a sense of stability and intelligent defensive ability.안전놀이터 However, in that it is not a style to roughly suppress the opponent’s attacking team with his strength and height,

Pohang Steelers are suffering from the vacancy of midfielder Shin Jin-ho, who recently transferred to Incheon United.

It is no exaggeration to say that Shin Jin-ho was the player who led Pohang’s upward trend last season.

He played his best performance in 32 league games, scoring 4 goals and 10 assists and being named in the K League 1 best 11 midfielder category. He was also nominated for the K-League 1 Most Valuable Player (MVP) finalist, but suddenly transferred to Incheon last month.

The player Pohang brought in as a replacement for Shin Jin-ho is Kim Jong-woo from Gwangju. Kim Jong-woo, who dominates the midfield based on his vigorous activity, contributed greatly to Gwangju’s promotion last season. He has a heavy responsibility to fill the void left by veteran Shin Jin-ho in Pohang this season.

On the 6th, at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp, Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong expressed regret, saying, “(Shin) Jin-ho had a contract until this year, so I thought he would go with the team, but he suddenly left and I’m very busy.”

Regarding the reason for choosing Kim Jong-woo, “The 0 ranked players had problems such as ransom. From our point of view, (Kim Jong-woo) is the best choice.” It’s a style that makes you go,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Daegu and Pohang, who have the same concerns, face each other in the first game of this season at Pohang Steel Yard on the 26th.

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