Corea passed the 3rd physical examination… Contract with Minnesota completed, press conference confirmed

 Carlos Correa, who was judged ineligible twice in the physical examination even after free agency negotiations, finally signed the contract. As expected, the Minnesota Twins did not point out the problems the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets had.

Reporter Park Do-hyung, who is in charge of’s Minnesota Twins, said on the 12th (Korean time), “Corea will sign after a physical examination.” , Correa returned to Minnesota after writing the last drama.”

Minnesota signed a contract with Correa on the 11th for up to 6+4 years, 270 million dollars, including 6 years, 200 million dollars, and 4 years, 70 million dollars with a vesting option. It is the largest contract in Minnesota’s history. It is a record that neither franchise star Joe Mauer (8 years, $184 million) or Byron Buxton (7 years, $100 million) could not exceed.슬롯사이트

Minnesota reduced the risk burden by reducing the guarantee period by half compared to San Francisco or the Mets, and Correa eased the regret of the failure of a long-term contract by raising the six-year guarantee amount than the previous two clubs.

This time, they sign autographs and hold press conferences as scheduled. Correa will participate in a video press conference at 11:30 am Central US time (2:30 am Korean time).

Correa had previously agreed to a 13-year, $350 million contract with San Francisco on the 14th of last month, but could not get past the final stage. During the physical examination, a problem was pointed out above the right ankle, which was operated in the past, and the press conference on the 22nd was suddenly canceled.

Even the Mets, who had penetrated this gap, pointed out the same problem during the physical examination on the 25th. Unlike San Francisco, the owner of Steve Cohen negotiated directly with the Mets, so it was expected that the Mets would overcome the problem through renegotiation, but the result was the same. Agent Scott Boras set up a negotiating table with another club, and this time Minnesota, the original team, reached an agreement.

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