“Continuing contact with Tottenham chairman”… Will he come as Conte’s successor?

Will Mauricio Pochettino (50) return to Tottenham?

British media ‘The Boot Room’ cited a report by reporter Ben Jacobs of ‘CBS Sports’ on the 24th (Korean time) and mentioned the rumors of coach Pochettino.

The media reported, “Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy and manager Pochettino are still on good terms. If Antonio Conte leaves, neither side will object to a reunion.”

Reporter Jacobs said: “Pochettino and Levy remain in personal contact,” adding, “From Levy’s point of view, there will be no problem bringing Pochettino back. If the Tottenham manager becomes vacant, Pochettino will show interest. “But he’s not the only candidate.”

He added, “Tottenham need to know exactly what the plan is with manager Conte. But if Conte leaves and the contract expires안전놀이터, manager Pochettino is also a figure to keep an eye on.”

Director Conte, who took the baton of Tottenham in November 2021, quickly changed Tottenham. He improved his game by building a three-back system. As a result, they earned the right to advance to the Champions League by finishing 4th in the Premier League in the 2021-22 season.

He requested the full support of the club to reach the goal of winning. Conte has expressed his willingness to leave the club at any time if his ambitions differ from the club’s plans.

However, results so far are not satisfactory. Performance has not clearly improved from last season. Here, Conte’s contract as manager ends in June. It is said that Conte may leave at the end of this season. It is still unknown whether he will accompany Tottenham. Recently, transfer rumors have emerged to Juventus, AS Roma and AC Milan.

The time has come for Tottenham to think about succeeding manager Conte. Brighton manager Roberto De Gerbi has recently been mentioned as a candidate for the next Tottenham manager. Here is a situation where there are rumors of Pochettino’s return. Pochettino managed Tottenham from 2014 to 2019.

‘The Boot Room’ said, “Tottenham needs to properly appoint the next manager. Coach Pochettino is not a bad choice. However, Tottenham’s goal is to win the title. Coach Pochettino has not achieved this.”

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