Communication·Diversification·Happiness… ‘Three things’ emphasized by Director Ki-il Nam 

Communication, Diversity, Happiness

Director Ki-il Nam has been leading Jeju for the fourth season this year. He was appointed as the head coach for the 2020 season and succeeded in renewing the contract for 2 years during the last season. Although they failed to obtain tickets to the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) by finishing 5th in the league, it gave them the impetus to further prepare for the next season.

Coach Nam, whom I met at a training camp in Thailand, looked back on last season. He said, “There were good parts and bad parts. He was in a high rank when he did what he wanted to do, but it was regrettable as he went into the second half. It was difficult in many aspects such as physical strength to digest the tight game schedule.” This time, I don’t want to repeat the regrettable things, so I’m preparing a new look.”

Joo Min-gyu (17 goals), the team’s top scorer last season, and winger Gerso left the team. Director Nam is looking forward to minimizing the gap by recruiting Hayes and Yuri Jonatan. In particular,안전놀이터 Yuri had a goal taste during a practice match against Chiang Mai.

Coach Nam said, “We are asking the players to make decisions in front of the gate. can be expected He can be an intimidating player. His nickname is ‘Tank’. He hopes to show that kind of image in Korea,” he said, “I think we should run the game through diversification of tactics. It is an important season to spend the off-season well with new players and play Jeju’s own soccer with a stronger organizational power.”

I am also paying attention to the outside of the game. Coach Nam emphasized the importance of ‘communication’ and said, “We need to communicate more with the players. In particular, communication with the feet is needed rather than communication with the mouth. I want to talk a lot with the players and let the players approach me.”

Defensive player Yeon Je-woon, who met again in Jeju, said, “Director Nam, who used to be upright, has changed a lot.” In response, coach Nam said, “I didn’t feel it well, but the players sometimes talked about it. He’s coming along very positively. He added that if a player needs something, the manager should change accordingly.”

He emphasized ‘happy soccer’. Manager Nam said, “When I entered the off-season, I thought a lot about ‘I want to be happy’. I want all members to play happy soccer, not just me.”

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