‘Chinese New Year’ over Kim Min-jae? Naples SNS, which caused anger among Korean fans, belatedly deleted

Lunar New Year’s greetings for Korean fans caused anger from Korean fans.

Napoli posted a post on the club’s official Instagram on the 22nd (Korean time) to celebrate the Korean Lunar New Year. ‘Korean Monster’ Kim Min-jae was placed in the center of the poster. Napoli recently carried out Korean marketing using Kim Min-jae.

The problem was content. It said ‘Happy Chinese New Year’. The post also said, ‘I wish you a happy new year. I hope it will be a prosperous rabbit year’, but it is written in Chinese characters, not Korean. China also celebrates the Lunar New Year, and according to this, the Chinese New Year is marked as ‘Chinese New Year’ in the West. Recently, the correct spelling ‘Luna New Year’ is used, but Napoli overlooked it. 카지노

When Korean fans expressed their dissatisfaction, Napoli belatedly sensed the reaction. The post was deleted 10 hours after posting. It was a post that I couldn’t do.

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