China’s soccer ‘backsliding’…after 0-1 loss to Syria, fans boo, refund uproar “No honor, no fighting spirit”

“No sense of honor, no fighting spirit.”

Chinese fans are furious at the backward performance of the Chinese men’s national soccer team.

China conceded a goal 14 minutes into the second half of a friendly against Syria at the Phoenix Mountain Sports Park in Chengdu on Dec. 12, despite a 17-3 shot advantage (7-1 on goal).아톰카지노

Angry Chinese fans then booed their team’s players and demanded refunds. Officials counted only 12,367 fans in the 60,000-capacity stadium.

China has only won four A-match games against teams outside the top 90 in the world in the past two years. China is ranked 78th in the FIFA rankings, while Syria is 89th.

“It’s a disappointing result for us,” said Chinese national team coach Aleksandar Jankovic.

The last time the world’s second most populous nation qualified for a FIFA Men’s World Cup was at the 2022 World Cup in South Korea.

President Xi Jinping wants China to become a soccer superpower and to host and win the World Cup before 2050, but the sport seems to be going backwards.

According to Chinese state-run news website The Paper, stadium footage posted on social media shows Chinese supporters applauding the Syrian players after the game and chanting “what a disgrace” to the home team.

The Chinese national soccer team’s official Weibo account received thousands of angry comments, one of which said the team had “no sense of honor or fighting spirit.”

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