‘British Golf Doctor’ Fitzpatrick, who rang twice in the US

Matt Fitzpatrick, 29, from England, has again angered American golf fans. It is already the second time after the US Open.

The cheering scene of RBC Heritage held in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA on the 17th (Korean time) was very unusual. In the final round of the competition held that day, galleries chanted “USA.” It was because of Fitzpatrick who took the lead that the general PGA Tour tournament suddenly turned into a national competition. After winning the 2013 US Amateur Championship for the first time as an English player in 102 years, Fitzpatrick defeated Scotty Scheffler (27, USA) at the US Open, the heart of American golf, last year. Since the English flag was planted at the US Open, the resentment of the American people pierced the sky.

‘Englishman’ Fitzpatrick, who has a lot of hate, has become a ‘villain’ again this time. Jordan Spieth (30) from Texas who was chasing after him was ‘Captain America’. Despite the overwhelming cheering for Spieth, Fitzpatrick proudly lifted the championship cup once again. Spieth, who won overtime in this tournament last year, had to be satisfied with the runner-up this time.

Fitzpatrick recorded a total of 17 under par 267 strokes in the final round that day, went into overtime with Spieth, who recorded a tie, and won the championship at the end of the third hole. Following the US Open, it is his second win on the PGA Tour and his first win in a general tournament. The winning prize was 3.6 million dollars (approximately 4.7 billion won).

For Fitzpatrick, the one-sided support from the fans on this day would have been disappointing. Those who know him know that he is a typical ‘pro-American’ player. He came to the United States dreaming of the American dream, and his college (Northwestern) also came from the United States. 바카라

Fitzpatrick, known as the ‘Doctor of Golf’, has been recording every shot he hits in tournaments since he was 15 years old. Fitzpatrick said, “There are about 7,000 shot data accumulated like that.” Thanks to these efforts, he can hit far, despite his slim figure of 177cm tall and 70kg in weight. In this contest, he recorded an average drive distance of 303.5 yards (15th).

In holes where he has to hit really far, he also uses the ‘cradle swing’ in which he lifts his left heel and swings during the backswing. The American press evaluates Fitzpatrick as a ‘next-generation star’.

In this match, among Korean players, Lim Seong-jae (25) recorded the best performance with a 13 under par and a tie for 7th place with 271 strokes. This is the fifth top 10 result this season following the Players Championship held last month (tied for 6th place).

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