‘Bald + beard are similar, skills are vastly different’ Schroeder Ajax manager, successor to Ten Hagh, counts down

As time goes by, Eric ten Haag’s true value is revealed. Even when he first joined Manchester United, his leadership was called into question, including skirmishing with players. However, recently, Manchester United has completely changed the color of manager Ten Hagh. They are currently 4th in the league, with 39 points equal to 3rd placed Newcastle United. There is a high possibility of returning to the UEFA Champions League again. 먹튀검증

As a result, coach Ten Hagh was an outstanding master of ‘irreplaceable’. Not only Manchester United’s current performance, but also other incidents are proving it. Before coming to Manchester United, Ajax, which was led by Ten Hag and made it the strongest in the league, is completely shaking. Ten Haag’s successor has already entered the countdown to dismissal. With ‘bald head + beard’, I thought that his skills would be similar as he led the team with a similar appearance to coach Ten Hagh, but his skills were vastly different.

The Daily Star, a British mass media, said on the 25th (Korean time), ‘The Ajax manager who succeeded Ten Hag is on the verge of being fired. The players have completely turned their backs on the coach.” The current Ajax manager is Alfred Schroeder. Ten Haag took over the helm after leaving for Manchester United last summer. Schroeder was considered a good successor to Ten Haag. This is because he showed a good figure as the head coach to assist coach Ten Hag at Ajax in the 2018-2019 season.

However, manager Schroeder was disappointed after taking the baton of Ajax. Ajax, led by Ten Hag to win the league, fell to fifth place after Schroeder took over. Retaining 5th place is also in an unstable state. With a winless streak in their last 6 games, they are trailing Rotterdam in 6th place by one point.

In the end, coach Schroeder lost the trust of the players. The Telegraph reports that Ajax players will soon be sacked because they have lost faith in manager Schroeder. As a result of a survey conducted by the Dutch media on the coaching staff and players, it was found that the majority of the team were dissatisfied with Schroeder’s coaching method. In the end, it is the conclusion that the vacancy of Ten Hagh is too big.

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