Bae Byeong-joon’s heartwarming humility “Thanks to my colleagues, I was lucky”

Thanks to my colleagues.”

Anyang KGC Bae Byeong-jun did not lose the virtue of humility.

Bae Byung-joon played as a starter in the first leg of the semi-final PO held on the 13th and played an important role. KGC devastated Goyang Carrot 99 to 43 in the first round of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ semifinal playoffs (3 best-of-5) that took place at Anyang Gymnasium that day.

The score difference of 56 points in one game is the first record in the regular league and playoffs in the Korean Basketball League (KBL) league.

The previous playoff record was a 45-point difference between Incheon E-Land and Jeonju KCC (April 25, 2021) in the 2020-2021 season (E-Land won 112-67). In the regular league, it is a 54-point difference (E-Land 100-46 win) from the 2014-2015 season E-Land-Seoul Samsung match (December 23, 2014).

Bae Byeong-joon overpowered Carrot from the beginning, including two 3-pointers in the first quarter, and along with Omari Spellman, stood at the forefront. Bae Byeong-joon, who scored 13 points including 4 3-pointers, is running his second prime this season as a player who replaced Seong-hyeon Jeon (Carrot).

Regarding the victory, Bae Byeong-jun said, “There are quite a few players on our team who have scored more than 10 points. It is thanks to their efforts evenly.”

Coach Kim Sang-sik said before the game that day that Bae Byeong-joon was the starter because he had been doing well against Carrot. In other words, Bae Byeong-joon lived up to the expectations of the director.

In response, Bae Byeong-jun said, “Carrot is a team with an active rotation. However, since we exhausted a lot of stamina in the 6th round, we prepared for it thinking that there would be a loophole.” I was able to catch the timing,” he said, thanking his colleagues. 메이저놀이터

Bae Byung-Jun humbled himself again while revealing his mindset to prepare for the next game. Bae Byeong-joon, who said, “I was lucky in today’s game, I had a lot of shooting chances,” said Byeong-Jun Byun, “I think that Byun Jun-hyung, Spellman, and Park Ji-hoon will solve it. I didn’t mind being

There was also a strong support team in the game that day. Go Ara is a forward for Woori Bank in women’s professional basketball. As soon as this season ends, Bae Byung-joon plans to sign a 100-year marriage with Go Ara.

Bae Byung-joon, who said that he seemed to have won thanks to the bride-to-be’s intuition, said, “Mr. Ara is on vacation after the season is over. Now that it’s a break, I asked her to watch my game, and she said she would come to the field as much as possible.” And it motivates me to play in front of her. It means a lot,” he attributed the joy of victory to Go Ara.

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