‘Back sprain’ Jo Sang-yeol, absent from LG match… Waiting for Yeomyuseong

Jo Sang-yeol is taking a break from playing with LG. Instead of Jo Sang-yeol, Yeom Yoo-seong will be included in the list of players.

Daegu Gymnasium where Daegu Korea Gas Corporation and Changwon LG will face off on the 16th. Some of the gas corporation players first came out to the court to practice shooting.

In this game, attention was focused on whether or not Jo Sang-yeol would participate.

After the game against Seoul Samsung on the 14th, Gas Corporation coach Yoo Do-hoon said, “Before entering the game, I said that any team would ride a roller coaster when an injured player comes out, but Jo Sang-yeol could not play in the second half because of his back. I hope there are no major injured players,” he said, conveying the news of Jo Sang-yeol’s injury.

According to a gas corporation official, Jo Sang-yeol was diagnosed with a back sprain as a result of an examination at the hospital on the 15th. After receiving treatment at an oriental clinic, he participated in training on the 15th and was scheduled to judge whether to play against LG on this day. 메이저사이트

An official from Gas Corporation said, “Jo Sang-yeol received treatment at an oriental clinic until the morning of the 16th ahead of the game on the 16th, but there was an opinion that it would be better to miss the match, so Yeom Yoo-seong is included in the list of players instead.”

If KOGAS beats LG on this day, it can rise from 6th to 4th place.