Ansan City, first division supremacy in athletics 4 years… Bucheon City wins women’s marathon 1st to 3rd place

Ansan City won the 69th Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Festival in the first division of the athletics event after four years, and Bucheon City swept the 1st to 3rd places in the women’s division of the marathon.

Ansan City scored 3,078 points, beating Yongin City (3,053 points) and Hwaseong City (2,858 points), and scoring 65 They reached the top four years after the tournament.

In addition, in the second part overall, Yangju City won the event with 3,436 points, ahead of Gwangmyeong City (3,289 points) and Uiwang City (3,049 points), with a super strong performance on the track.

Meanwhile, in the women’s 10km shortened marathon held near the Tancheon Sports Complex that day, Yuna Son from Bucheon recorded a time of 35 minutes and 11 seconds, Sanah Seong (36 minutes and 13 seconds) of the same team, and Min-ji Bang (36 minutes and 22 seconds, above Bucheon). City Hall) and swept all gold, silver and bronze medals.스포츠토토

In the men’s 10km shortened marathon, Min Jin-hong (Anyang City Hall) won the championship with a time of 31 minutes 35 seconds, ahead of Park Jong-hak (Paju City, 31 minutes 39 seconds) and Kim Bon-gyu (Goyang City, 31 minutes 50 seconds), and Lim Chae-woo (Yeoncheon County) and Yoonmi Lee (Uiwang City) ran the top with 33 minutes and 25 seconds and 39 minutes and 33 seconds, respectively.

In addition, in the men’s and women’s general 200m finals in the first part, Lee Jung-tae (Anyang City) and Hwang Yun-gyeong (Siheung City) won side by side with 21.08 seconds and 25.27 seconds, respectively. He held the supremacy in 09.25 minutes.

In addition, Kim Eui-yeon (Pocheon City) and Kim Da-eun (Gapyeong-gun Office) won the gold medal in the men’s and women’s 200m finals in the second part, respectively, with 21.57 seconds and 25.78 seconds, respectively. ) jumped 1m95 and 1m50, respectively, and accompanied them to the summit.

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