Ahn Se-young, ‘World No.

 Female badminton star Ahn Se-young (21, Samsung Life Insurance) won her first championship in the new year by defeating her “old enemy” Akane Yamaguchi (26, Japan).

World No. 4 Ahn Se-young lost 2-1 (15-21 21-16) to world No. 1 Yamaguchi in the women’s singles final at the World Badminton Federation (BWF) World Tour Super 750 India Open 2023 held in New Delhi, India on the 22nd (hereinafter Korean time). 21-12) came from behind to win.

With this, Ahn Se-young avenged her last Malaysia Open final defeat by catching Yamaguchi, who had been pushed by her opponent with a record of 5 wins and 11 losses. At the time, he won her first game and was reversed, but this time he paid it back completely by winning the reverse and winning the reverse. He also broke his 4-game losing streak.

Ahn Se-young faltered greatly at the beginning of her first game. He gave up 6 points in a row with a 6-5 lead and was pulled to 6-11. In the end, Ahn Se-young was unable to close her gap and she lost 15-21. 안전놀이터

The 2 games were different. Ahn Se-young took the lead by scoring three points in a row at 11-12, and she did not give up the lead anymore. He won two games lightly, 21-16, and turned the game around.

Even in her 3 games, Ahn Se-young’s back heart shone. He widened the gap by scoring four straight points after turning 8-7, and also scored four points in a row at 17-12. Ahn Se-young scored consecutively with a bold attack until the end and finished the game lightly with a score of 21-12.

Her Korean squad, including Ahn Se-young, will now travel to Jakarta, Indonesia to participate in the 2023 Masters Championships in Indonesia, which will be held from the 24th.

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