‘Acquired 3 sets amidst cheers from the home crowd’ Korea, lost 1:3 to China… A small achievement in VNL’s 11th consecutive loss

A crowd cheering match was held at the home court of Suwon. The Korean women’s volleyball team won a set and faced China. We lost the match, but the results were clear.

The Korean women’s volleyball team (ranked 34th in the world), led by coach Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez, played the third match of the 3rd week of the 2023 FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) VNL (Volleyball Nations League) held at Chilbo Gymnasium in Seosuwon on the 1st, against China (ranked 6th in the world). They lost with a set score of 1-3 (13-25, 21-25, 25-21, 15-25). With this defeat, Korea recorded an 11-game losing streak and placed last. China has 7 wins and 4 losses.

In Korea, Kim Da-eun scored 17 points, Lee Da-hyun and Kang So-hui each scored 12 points, Lee Joo-ah scored 10 points, and Jung Ji-yoon scored 9 points. The attack score was equal at 52-54, and the serve score was also slightly inferior at 5-6. However, blocking was 3-10 inferior.

In China, Yuan Xinyu scored 17 points, Wang Yunlu scored 15 points, Li Yingying scored 12 points, Gong Siyangru scored 12 points, and Wang Yuanyuan scored 9 points.

Korea’s starting pitchers were Kim Da-eun (4) as an apositive spiker, Jeong Ji-yoon (2) and Kang So-hui (5) as outside hitters, Lee Da-hyeon (3) and Lee Joo-ah (6) as middle blockers, Kim Da-in (1) as a setter, and Shin Yeon-kyung as a libero.

China: Apposite spiker Shiyangyu (4), outside hitters Li Yingying (2) and Wang Yunlu (5), middle blocker Wang Yuanyuan (3) and Yuan Xinyu (6), setter Diao Linyu (1), Libero Wang Mengjie stepped onto the court first.

1 setThe initial flow was China. With Wang Yunlu’s attack goal, they took a 7-2 lead. Korea pursued 4-7 with Kim Da-eun’s Kangta and Lee Da-hyun’s serve ace, but counterattacks became difficult as the receiving was shaken by the opponent’s tricky serve. China increased its lead to 11-4 with Wang Yunlu and Wang Yuanyuan scoring.

South Korea’s Kang So-hui scored from the left, but the long rally that followed ended with China’s Li Ying-ying. The score widened to 5-13.

Korea raised the atmosphere with Lee Joo-ah’s two moving attacks. However, the score was 7-15 due to Kang So-hui and Jeong Ji-yoon’s consecutive attacks.

Korea replaced Moon Ji-yoon, but the offense came out. The score widened to 8-20. China PR went into the set with Gong Xiyangyu scoring from the center and Wang Yunlu scoring from the left. Korea pursued 3 points with the attack of Kim Da-eun and Kang So-hui. However, China won the first set 25-13.

2 sets . From the beginning, China’s Diao Linyu scored two serves. Li Yingying’s score also added.

Korea gave strength. After Lee Joo-ah’s mobile attack score, Kang So-hui’s strong hit and opponent’s offense tied the score at 5-5, and Kim Da-eun’s sub-ace pulled the score back to 6-5. However, Daeun Kim’s subsequent serve was out.

Korea used Lee Joo-a’s move attack twice more and took an 8-7 advantage. After Da-eun Kim flew from the rear and scored, she succeeded in scoring both in the front and in the front. Korea led 11-10.

China managed to turn the game around 13-11 thanks to Wang Yunlu’s two strong hits and Yuan Xinyu’s blocking goal. South Korea tied the game 13-13 with Lee Joo-ah’s central goal after the opponent’s mistake.

In a power struggle in the middle of the set, China took the lead again with a right-handed hit by Gong Shiyangyu. Korea came back as a challenge with Lee Joo-ah’s touchout score, and Jung Ji-yoon’s hard hit broke out and led 15-14.

China took a two-point lead thanks to goals from Yunlu Wang and Yingying Li. Korea continued to gain strength with Lee Da-hyun’s fast attack in the center. The battle continued at 18-19. However, I couldn’t use my hands on the opponent Wang Yuanyuan’s central fast attack. Li Yingying’s two high RBIs also failed to respond. The scoreboard indicated 18-22.

Korea gained strength again with Lee Da-hyun’s blocking goal. When China took a 23-20 lead thanks to Gong Xiangyu’s goal, Korea responded with a hard hit from Daeun Kim. However, China won the set again this time. Yuan Xinyu’s two center goals signaled the end of the set. The score was 25-21.

3 sets . Korea raised the atmosphere on the court by fighting tight until 12-12. Even in a situation where the flow went to 9-12, Lee Joo-ah responded with an additional point to Da-eun Kim’s two goals, standing shoulder to shoulder.

The subsequent rally was scored by Chinese Yuan Xinyu and Wang Yunlu. Korea faced off 14-14 with Kang So-Hwi’s strong hit and Lee Joo-A’s moving attack score. In the ensuing 15-15, Korea began to lead by one point due to China’s Lee Ying-ying’s offense. However, it was regrettable that Jeong Ji-yoon was guilty twice and allowed a 16-17 reversal.

Korea balanced the score 17-17 with Kim Da-eun’s strike from the rear. Lee Da-hyun announced an 18-17 reversal with a moving attack. China’s Lee Ying-ying’s crime came out again, and Korea led by 2 points, 19-17. Jeong Ji-yoon engraved 20-17 on the scoreboard with a left blow.

In the ensuing rally, Korea lost a point as Lee Da-hyun’s attack was blocked, but Kim Da-eun’s back attack scored to take a 21-18 lead. China chased after Li Yingying’s feint score. After that, a lucky score came. Kim Da-eun’s serve went over the net, but the opponent hesitated and conceded. Riding the flow, Korea ran to 23-19 thanks to Kang So-hui’s witty goal.

Lee Da-hyun’s central goal gave Korea a 24-20 set point, and Kang So-hui’s left-handed blow gave Korea the set. The audience was filled with cheers.

4 sets . In the early game, with the score tied 3-3, China took the lead with Yuan Xinyu’s consecutive goals and blocking goals. Li Yingying’s left goal was added, and the score gap began to widen to 4-7.

Director Cesar blocked the flow by requesting an operating time. Afterwards, the rally was Kim Da-eun’s rearguard hit. Due to the mistake of China’s Yuan Xinyu, Korea advanced 6-7. Opponent Li Yingying’s attack hit the net. It was 7-7. However, it was a pity that Lee Joo-ah’s sub room came out.

Korea tied the game 8-8 thanks to Jeong Ji-yoon’s paint goal. China took the lead with Shi Yangyu’s strike from the rear, but Korea tied the game 9-9 with Lee Da-hyeon’s clever goal. Kang So-hui also gained strength by scoring from the left. Lee Da-hyeon’s serve allowed Korea to turn around 11-10.

China tied the score with a right-handed hit by Shi Yangyu, and Korea took the lead with a right-handed hit by Kim Da-eun. The rally, in which Korea led by one point, continued until 14-13 with Jeong Ji-yoon’s left-handed blow. However, after Kim Da-eun’s rearguard attack was blocked by Yuan Shin-yu and allowed a tie, Lee Da-hyun’s moving attack was blocked by Li Ying-ying, allowing a 14-15 turnaround.

Korea faced 15-15 with Jung Ji-yoon’s left-handed feint. It was clearly different from the 1st and 2nd sets, his concentration and adaptability to the court.

Afterwards, Jung Ji-yoon attempted a diagonal attack in Korea, but was unable to overcome Wang Yuan-yuan’s wall. China was aware of the fact that most of Jeong Ji-yoon’s attacks were made diagonally. China took a 3-point lead, 18-15, after Li Ying-ying’s left-handed blow and Wang Yunlu’s back-end hit.체스카지노

Pursuit was important here, but Chinese Li Yingying’s sharp attack was difficult to block. Korea was pushed back 15-21 after Lee Da-hyun’s offense and Da-eun Kim’s attack was blocked. In the mid-to-late half of the set, he was unable to overcome his significantly reduced physical strength. In the end, the match ended with China winning the set.

Korea will play its final VNL game against Poland on the 2nd.

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