1500 RBI Choi Hyung-woo “I don’t need a souvenir”… Fan who picked up the ball comes to the hotel to take care of it himself

Choi Hyung-woo (KIA) hit a two-run home run over the center field fence in the fourth inning of a baseball game against Hanwha on April 20. The home run hit the outfield bleachers and bounced back into the field. Hanwha center fielder Moon Hyun-bin picked it up and threw it back into the outfield bleachers as a “fan service” gesture.

The problem was that the ball was a “commemorative baseball for the first individual 1500 RBI in the Korean Baseball Organization. The Hanwha and KIA teams tracked down the fan who received the ball and offered to exchange the souvenir for a commemorative baseball, but negotiations between the fan and the team didn’t go well.스포츠토토

As the two clubs’ officials dragged their feet, Choi stood his ground. “I don’t have a lot of attachment to the memorial ball,” Choi said, “but if the KBO needs it, I’m fine with it.” The ‘memorial ball hilarity’ came to a heartwarming conclusion on the 21st, when the fan visited Choi Hyung-woo at his lodging when KIA visited Daejeon and delivered the ball to him.

SSG Choi Ju-hwan
Unlike Choi Hyung-woo, there is another player who is particularly attached to the memorial. SSG’s Choi Ju-hwan hit his 1,000th career hit with a home run against Lotte on the 16th. He was the 115th player in the KBO to reach 1,000 hits. The team didn’t pay much attention to it, and fans didn’t know what it meant.

Choi had other ideas. “It’s a precious ball that I achieved with 18 years (of) tears and patience,” Choi wrote on social media on the 19th. I believe I will return it,” he posted on social media. In doing so, Choi faced criticism for leaving the fan’s face on the post. However, this time, the fan decided to return the ball and Choi also apologized to the fan, and the story had a happy ending.

Fans are allowed to keep foul balls and home run balls at baseball games thanks to Luverne Berman, a fan of the New York (now San Francisco) Giants of Major League Baseball (MLB). Berman insisted on taking home a foul ball he caught during a game on May 16, 1921, and was admonished and ordered to leave. Berman then sued the team and won a judgment that awarded him $100 for emotional distress and the foul ball.

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