15 years of listening to Park Hang-seo’s advice, ‘Vietnam Sacred Bone Youth’… A disciple’s challenge to break the ‘conservative frame’

As advised by Park Hang-seo, ‘Papa’, the Vietnamese disciple leaves behind the conservative gaze and starts a new challenge in Korea. 

On the 4th of last month, Seoul E-Land recruited Vietnamese national striker Nguyen Van Toan as the club’s first Southeast Asian quarter player. 

Van Toan, who entered the professional stage with Hoang Anh Ja Lai FC in 2015, debuted in the Vietnamese national team the following year and is an elite who has played more than 40 A matches. 

Born in 1996, Van Toan, who went back and forth between the U-23 national team led by coach Park Hang-seo and the A national team, finished runner-up at the 2018 AFC U-23 Asian Cup, and received great attention by lifting the championship trophy at the 2018 Suzuki Cup and 2019 King’s Cup.

He also played an active part in the Mitsubishi Electric Cup held in December of last year and participated in ‘Last Dance’ directed by Park Hang-seo.

Although he is only 26 years old, Banto Ahn’s first transfer to his 8th year as a pro, and his first overseas stage, is Korea. He joined Hoang Ain Gala Academy in 2007 and made his professional debut in 2015. After that, until last season, he was from the hometown club Seonggol Youth, who played only in the same club for a total of 15 years. 

The reason Van Toan chose the Korean stage was thanks to Park Hang-seo, former head coach of the Vietnam national soccer team. Coach Park, who used Bantoan in the national team, advised Bantoan to challenge the Korean stage, and Bantoan accepted it. 

Bantoan said in an interview held in Changwon on the 14th, “Director Park Hang-seo had a great influence. I was surprised to see coach Park Choong-gyun appointed here at E-Land in Seoul, and we talked about it,” he said. “I also needed a new change and a new challenge,” he explained the reason. 

When asked what coach Park Hang-seo said, he said, “He advised me that it would be very difficult. He advised me that if I live my life without losing confidence, I will succeed.” So, he told me that if I can overcome this point, I will be able to do it.” 

He said, “I think that if I use my strength, speed, and continue my confidence, I will show my true value the more I play.” 

When Director Park took office in Vietnam, it was not only half and half that knocked on the Korean stage. Previously, Luong Xuan Truong and Nguyen Kong Phuong both moved to Incheon United and chose to challenge. 

Head coach Park Hang-seo, who returned to Korea on the same day, said, “Vietnamese players have also been to Korea and Japan. I’m not doing it. I keep saying that we need to change that part.”

He also advised Vietnamese players to have courage. Coach Park said, “Actually, some Vietnamese players are afraid of going to Korea. In the past, it was difficult to fight in Kong Phuong and it was completely different from Vietnamese football, so the players were afraid.” pointed out

At the same time, he expected that he would be able to adapt easily, saying, “In the case of Van Toan, as coach먹튀검증 Park Choong-gyun served as a coach in Vietnam, he would know well about the tendencies of Vietnamese players.”

As Korean players continue to knock on the European stage, Vietnamese players are also challenged in Korea and Japan, which are the highest level leagues in Asia. In order to improve the level of Vietnamese football, coach Park spared no criticism. 

Banto Anh runs out of the comfortable house he has been in for 15 years and takes on a new challenge.

He said, “It is true that changing to another team because I was in one team for 15 years and living abroad is a very difficult point, but it is something I have to overcome for my future, and a new challenge because I have only been in one team for 15 years. I made this choice because I needed it, and I’m going to try it well.” 

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